Dusan C Prevorsek, Yali Kesten: Bisphenol-A/terephthalate/carbonate melt processable copolymers. Allied Chemical Corporation, Robert A Harman, May 22, 1979: US04156069 (178 worldwide citation)

Copolymers consisting of bisphenol-A ("BPA"), terephthalate ("TP"), and carbonate moieties in mol ratio from 2:0.8:1.2 to 2:1.3:0.7, which are melt processable in the sense of (a) showing no more than 10% change in viscosity number upon compression molding for 10 minutes at 320.degree. C. to form a ...

Edward J Murry, Joseph F Brumbach: Device and method for measuring and indicating the true power supplied to an ultrasonic handpiece and for recording the accumulative power applied to the handpiece. Fibra Sonics, Hill Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, May 22, 1979: US04156187 (168 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for measuring and indicating the true power in watts supplied to an ultrasonic handpiece and also to indicate the accumulative power applied to the handpiece.

Joseph G Mobley, Robert J Wilson: Satellite tracking antenna apparatus. Scientific Atlanta, Martin LuKacher, May 22, 1979: US04156241 (164 worldwide citation)

Satellite tracking apparatus for use on board ship as part of a maritime communications satellite terminal is disclosed. A directional antenna which is adapted to be trained in the direction of the satellite so as to be in communication therewith is mounted so as to be positioned about three axes, n ...

Francis E Gould: Polyurethane polymers characterized by lactone groups and hydroxyl groups in the polymer backbone. Tyndale Plains Hunter, Robert W Kell, May 22, 1979: US04156067 (148 worldwide citation)

Polyurethane polymers characterized by a molecular weight above 6,000 and having lactone groups and hydroxyl groups in the polymer backbone are prepared by reacting a mixture of polyols, a polyfunctional lactone and a polyfunctional isocyanate proportioned so as to provide the desired polymer proper ...

William D Emmons, Travis E Stevens: Polyurethane thickeners for aqueous compositions. Rohm and Haas Company, Patrick C Baker, May 22, 1979: US04155892 (142 worldwide citation)

Latex and other aqueous systems are thickened by incorporation of a low molecular weight polyurethane characterized by at least three hydrophobic groups interconnected by hydrophilic polyether groups. The thickeners are nonionic, hydrolytically stable and are resistant to biodegradation.

Thurman S Jess: Method and apparatus for metered infusion of fluids. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Paul C Flattery, Eugene M Cummings, May 22, 1979: US04155362 (138 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for infusing fluids into the human body includes a peristaltic-type pump and an administration set having a vinyl tubing section on which the pump acts. To prevent the release of dissolved gas in the tubing section and the possible coalescence of released gas bubbles into pock ...

Dan D Ono: Inflatable grip container. George B White, May 22, 1979: US04155453 (117 worldwide citation)

In one form of the invention the container is provided with impervious double wall all around forming a compartment with an intake for inflating the double walls and a quick release for deflating at will, and a sleeve on an open end of the compartment which can be folded so as to completely seal the ...

Jung Hsien Tsao, Arthur D Ketley: Photocurable epoxy-acrylate compositions. W R Grace & Co, Richard P Plunkett, William W McDowell Jr, May 22, 1979: US04156035 (111 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to radiation curable compositions comprising mixtures of epoxy resin and di- or polyacrylate or methacrylate terminated monomers in combination with a catalyst system comprising a carbonyl type photoinitiator with an aromatic onium salt capable of effecting the cure by release ...

Walter G Taschek: Miniature hydrogen generator. Nathan Edelberg, May 22, 1979: US04155712 (106 worldwide citation)

A relatively small size apparatus for generating hydrogen by the reaction of a metal hydride with water vapor is disclosed. The metal hydride utilized to generate the hydrogen gas is housed in a fuel chamber of the apparatus and water vapor is introduced into the fuel chamber through a porous membra ...

Joel B Thorkildson: Extendable shelf. Orrin M Haugen, Thomas J Nikolai, May 22, 1979: US04155312 (104 worldwide citation)

A two piece, lengthwise telescopically adjustable, shelf adapted to be mounted between vertical structural members or studs in a building. The lengthwise adjustability permits use of the shelf arrangement in spite of wide variations in the center-to-center spacing between the structural members.