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A technique in the treatment of tumors in humans utilizing radio frequency electromagnetic radiation to produce necrosis of the tumors by which intensification at the situs of the tumor of a radio frequency field applied across the portion of the body containing the tumor is obtained by positioning ...

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An arrangement for and method of inserting a glass microelectrode having a tip in the micron range into body tissue is disclosed. The arrangement includes a microelectrode. The top of the microelectrode is attached to the diaphragm center of a first speaker. The microelectrode tip is brought into co ...

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Jets of heated gaseous fluid are perpendicularly directed against the surface of a food product, moving relative to said jets, such that the jets impinge against discrete points on said surface, before fluid in the jets is diffused, to wipe away the boundary layer of air and moisture from said discr ...

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A microtest plate is characterized by a tray conveniently moulded of foam plastics, having a multiplicity of compartments and a multiplicity of individual wells fitted into the compartments, at least some of the wells preferably being moulded integrally with one another, and preferably being arrange ...

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A system for detecting, quantizing, and displaying simultaneously on a single recording a wide panorama of cardiac diagnostic information including data inputs from EKG, phono-doppler, sound, and pulse; displaying each input in a distinctive color or form, in coordinates of time, frequency, and ampl ...

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A probe for determining at what point in space contact is made between an object and a stylus. The stylus is located in an accurately defined rest position relative to a housing and slight deflection of the stylus away from this rest position is detected preferably by electrical switches.

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A cardiac pacer lead is disclosed as being formable at the time of pacer implantation by the attending surgeon, by heating the pacer lead, as in boiling water, and then forming or shaping it to the desired configuration so that a pacer electrode is maintained resiliently in contact with the inner su ...

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A rechargeable, battery-powered sprayer for personal products using a replaceable product-filled cartridge. The finger-operated control simultaneously opens the valve, allowing flow of material, and actuates the motor for pumping the material.

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A disaster alert system is disclosed which consists of two major sub-systems. The first sub-system is a central disaster alert station which transmits coded R.F. activation signals specifying the geographic area and/or the official personnel to be alerted. Said central disaster alert station also tr ...

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A corrugated tubular filter element is provided, resistant to corrugation collapse under high differential pressure, although formed of filter sheet material susceptible to such collapse, comprising, in combination, filter sheet material enclosed in a dual layer of more open foraminous sheet materia ...