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A catheter holding device having longitudinally-extending walls defining an open-ended body with a main passage therethrough. At least a portion of the main passage is aligned with openings in forward and rear ends of the body. The portion of the walls adjacent the opening in the forward end of the ...

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A flexible pad with interconnecting internal passages for circulating a hot or cold liquid for treating a patient. The pad has an improved internal flow pattern that includes a set of partitions that separate the pad into a plurality of major fields that are connected in series to insure that liquid ...

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A voice sound transmitting and receiving apparatus suitable for the use under noisy circumstances and designed to be inserted into the external auditory canal of a user for attaining the voice sound transmitting and receiving operation using the vibrations of the external auditory canal wall.

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Biocompatible artificial tendon or ligament prostheses having an exterior adherent coating of vapor deposited carbon, comprising a strand of a plurality of fibers each of which is designed to sustain a tensile strain of about 5 percent or less and means for attaching the strand at the implantation s ...

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A medical patient condition monitoring system includes a portable battery-operable transmitter module which transmits monitored conditions of the patient via infrared energy to the receiver input stage of a medical monitoring and display unit. In one embodiment, the transmitter module which may be w ...

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In many assemblies it is desirable to provide a strain relief device to grip an electric cord to prevent longitudinal motion of the cord, with respect to the strain relief device. The disclosed strain relief member surrounds the electric cord and is enclosed within a body member which, when assemble ...

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A portable apparatus for controllably cooling and variably, intermittently applying pressure to a portion of a body part of a mammalian organism comprising a liquid supply and control unit having means to store, circulate, cool, agitate, and pressurize a fluid and means to communicate via fluid comm ...

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A dental syringe is connectible to sources of air and water under pressure for selectively providing a solid stream of water, a jet of air or a spray of water and air. The maximum rate flow of air and/or water to be used is independently metered in the handle portion of the syringe to limit the flow ...

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In a system for displaying text information obtained from a remote text data bank, which system includes a television receiver equipped for receiving and storing the text information and displaying the information on its screen, an operating device operatively associated with the receiver for effect ...

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A waterslide amusement device includes an inclined slide course fabricated from a plurality of straight and curved flume modules connected together in an end to end relationship. The modules, which are preferably molded as a unitary structure from a fiberglass reinforced resin, have a flange formed ...