Ricky Martin: Electronic combination door lock with dead bolt sensing means. Ralph B Pastoriza, April 3, 1979: US04148092 (198 worldwide citation)

The electronic combination door lock uses a push button keyboard in combination with a door provided with a dead bolt manually operable by an outer turning knob. The electronic circuitry for the keyboard compares an input code with a stored code and generates an enabling signal only if the input cod ...

Richard J Taylor: Video processing system. Micro Consultants, William Anthony Drucker, April 3, 1979: US04148070 (180 worldwide citation)

A video processing system comprises an analogue to digital converter for receiving a video signal and converting the signal into digital form. A digital frame store receives and stores the converted video data. Store addressing means address locations within the frame store to write in and read out ...

Roger L Scriven, Wen Hsuan Chang: Water-reduced urethane coating compositions. PPG, William J Uhl, April 3, 1979: US04147679 (168 worldwide citation)

A water-diluted, ungelled, non-sedimenting polyurethane and a process for preparing such a polyurethane in an aqueous medium is disclosed. High molecular weight thermoplastic products are obtained by chain extending in aqueous medium an NCO polymer having a salt group equivalent weight of 6000 or le ...

David C Burson: System with joystick to control velocity vector of a display cursor. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Stephen S Sadacca, James T Comfort, April 3, 1979: US04148014 (161 worldwide citation)

A joystick control, which is moveable in the X and Y directions, generates X- and Y-coded signals indicative of the co-ordinate position of the joystick. The joystick has a normally central position; movement of the joystick to a non-central position indicates the directional vector along which move ...

Robert L Gorgone, Gerald Iannadrea, Alan J Kovach: Secondary detection system for security validation. Ardac, Oldham Oldham Hudak & Weber Co, April 3, 1979: US04147430 (153 worldwide citation)

A secondary detection system for utilization with a security validation apparatus wherein a sensing is made of the amount of light reflected from a given area of a paper security. Fundamentally, the invention consists of an infrared lamp or other emission source casting light through a tunnel and up ...

Anthony F Yapel Jr: Albumin medicament carrier system. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, Carolyn A Bates, April 3, 1979: US04147767 (130 worldwide citation)

Solid serum albumin spherules having 5 to 30 percent by weight of an organic medicament homogeneously entrapped therein are disclosed. These spherules are especially suited for intravascular injection into the body wherein the drug is released from the spherule in a biphasic manner having an initial ...

Richard Saylor: Interface for enabling continuous high speed row grabbing video display with real time hard copy print out thereof. IDR, Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross, April 3, 1979: US04148066 (110 worldwide citation)

An interface for enabling continuous high speed row grabbing video display with real time hard copy print out thereof interfaces a hard copy printer with a real time frame grabbing video display terminal for enabling substantially instantaneous provision of a continuous direct video display of a sel ...

Peter Breidt Jr, Thomas W Higgins, A Michael Nahmias, Milton L Weiner: Coextruded heat sealable laminar thermoplastic films. Mobil Oil Corporation, Charles A Huggett, James D Tierney, April 3, 1979: US04147827 (100 worldwide citation)

Laminar thermoplastic films are provided which exhibit improved heat seal strengths as well as heat seal temperature ranges. The laminates comprise a predominantly propylene-based polymer substrate or core, the propylene core layer being coated with continuous skins, the skins being fabricated from ...

Lewis B Izzi: Drain fitting for pre-formed or pre-assembled showers, etc.. April 3, 1979: US04146939 (98 worldwide citation)

A drain fitting for pre-formed or pre-assembled showers, etc. requiring drainage, having a flanged and internally threaded base connector for the reception of 3 or 4 inch solvent welded drain pipes and which is adapted to have a threaded or bolted connection with a depending strainer barrel having a ...

Gerald B Stringfellow, Howard T Hall Jr: Method for vapor epitaxial deposition of III/V materials utilizing organometallic compounds and a halogen or halide in a hot wall system. Hewlett Packard Company, Ronald E Grubman, April 3, 1979: US04147571 (90 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for the VPE growth of III/V compounds such as Al.sub.x Ga.sub.1-x As in which the group III elements are transported into the reaction zone in the form of organometallic compounds in the presence of a gaseous halogen or hydrogen halide such as hydrogen chloride (HCl).