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A device and method for dispensing medication internally of the body utilize an implanted system which includes medication storage and dispensing control circuitry having control components which may be modified by means external of the body being treated to control the manner of dispensing the medi ...

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Visual system for determining position in space and/or orientation in three-dimensional space for purposes, for example, of directing or instructing an industrial robot to perform manipulative acts and apparatus employing the visual system. The system includes a portable object arbitrarily movable i ...

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An intervivos blood processing system for centrifugally separating red blood cell and platelet components from whole blood includes a separation chamber for separating red blood cell and white blood cell components, and a collection chamber for collecting platelet components. Each chamber is formed ...

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A unique method for the preparation of oil-in-water microemulsions is described. In carrying out this method, microemulsions are prepared in a four-step process: (1) a surfactant is selected which is just barely soluble in the oil phase; (2) the surfactant thus selected is dissolved in the oil to be ...

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A solid-state control system for the control of a collector array, the system incorporating a sun-tracking mode, de-focusing at excessive temperatures, returning to a stand-by position after sunset, and prepositioning at sunrise.

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A semiconductor switching element comprised by a high resistivity polycrystalline silicon resistor whose resistance irreversibly decreases to a small value at a threshold voltage upon the voltage across the resistor reaching the threshold voltage. A semiconductor memory device is constituted by usin ...

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A flexible endoscope for insertion into a body cavity for visual observation and medical procedures. A vacuum line slidable in a tube in the endoscope for projection beyond the distal end of the endoscope, with vacuum control, providing for removal of blood clots and the like while observing the ope ...

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An improved implant comprising a metallic base material and a coating layer of a ceramics which is formed by thermally sprayed firstly a bonding agent and secondly ceramic powders (optionally containing a porcelain) around the outersurface of the metallic base material. The implant has a sufficient ...

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An undergarment for use in surgical, medical or other medical treatment environments, comprising at least two completely separable cloth panels, said panels being separable one from the other, the separation and fastening being effected by the use of Velcro or similar adhering materials. The underga ...

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An orthopedic implant for use in the internal fixation of a bone fracture by wiring, a method of fracture fixation by wiring which avoids bone resorption, and means for embedding the implant in the cortex of a bone adjacent the fracture site. The implant comprises a cylindrical body portion, a plura ...