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The disclosure describes a technique for uniform heating of relatively large blocks of hydrocarbonaceous formations in situ using radio frequency (RF) electrical energy that is substantially confined to the volume to be heated and effects of dielectric heating of the formations. An important aspect ...

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A method of preparing a controlled-release pharmaceutical compound for oral administration, which pharmaceutical compound is subject to enzymatic hydrolysis on oral administration, which method comprises encapsulating the pharmaceutical compound with a synthetic phosphatidyl compound having a modifi ...

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An apparatus and method of implanting hair or hair-like strands in areas of the skin of animate beings, comprising a unique fabricated anchorage piece and a novel process for placing the same in the skin, utilizing a hypodermic needle having a grooved barrel and tip portion. The process or method co ...

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A detergent composition contains perfume in the form of water-insoluble, friable microcapsules which become entrained in or on fabric during a laundering process and which release the perfume during manipulation of the dry fabric.

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A torsional ultrasonic vibrator particularly adapted for treating teeth by exposing them to ultrasonic waves in the presence of a tooth-decay retarding agent which engages the teeth. A shaft which has a central axis has fixed thereto a blade which projects from the latter axis while having a size sm ...

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A package having plural layers with a quantity of volatile substance such as deodorizer sandwiched between the layers. The outer layers of the laminate are impermeable to the substance and its vapors, and thus prevent escape of the vapors as long as the package is sealed. Upon opening of the package ...

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A subscription TV decoder for processing encoded audio and video signals in which the TV program audio information is received as an audio subcarrier includes means for decoding the video signal, a filter for separating the decoded video and audio signals, and a filter for separating the audio signa ...

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A preschool knock-down portable indoor basketball set comprising a sponge-rubber ball and a weighted vertically adjustable stand for a basket with a removable bounce-board.The weighted base of the stand has an annular socket for one end of a pair of telescopic tubes, adjustable in length by a pin th ...

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A plurality of capacitive touch pad sensors are multiplexed to the input of a common charge transfer analog-to-digital converter (CTAD) under the control of a control logic circuit. The no-touch digital output of each touch pad is stored in a memory. The touch pads are then sequentially addressed an ...

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Cis- and trans-N-(2-aminocycloaliphatic)-2-arylacetamide derivative compounds of the formula ##STR1## e.g., N-[2-(N', N'-dimethylamino)cyclohexyl]-N-methyl-2-(4-bromophenyl)acetamide and trans-N-methyl-N-[2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)cyclohexyl]acetamide, 2-(3,4-dichlorophenyl) and their pharmaceutically accep ...