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A miniature valve for use with a catheter or the like in which a cylindrical valve body is made up of a male member and female member telescoped together so as to define opposed annular seats surrounding a through-opening. A disc of rubber having a central domed portion containing an axial slit is m ...

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Drug-delivery device for releasing a drug at a continuous and controlled rate for a prolonged period of time is comprised of a shaped body of polymeric material containing a pharmaceutically acceptable drug and permeable to passage of the drug by diffusion. The polymeric material is an ethylene-viny ...

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A communication method and system for providing two-way radio communication links between fixed stations and mobile units, particularly suitable for use in mobile telephone communications. A geographical service area is sectionalized through the use of omnidirectional and directional antennas result ...

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A multilayer analytical element for the analysis of liquids, particularly small samples of biological liquids, having at least two layers including a reagent layer and a registration layer. The reagent layer contains an interactive composition including a nondiffusible material having a preformed de ...

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The use of plural cell sizes in cellular high capacity mobile telecommunications systems is facilitated by providing dual service availability in an essentially geographically continuous large-cell grid and an overlaid and essentially geographically discontinuous small-cell grid. When using certain ...

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A power supply system to operate an implanted electric-powered device such as a blood pump. A secondary coil having a biocompatible covering is implanted to subcutaneously encircle either the abdomen or the thigh at a location close to the exterior skin. The secondary coil is electrically interconne ...

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The surface of a contact lens is modified by deposition of an ultrathin coating of a hydrophilic polymer under the influence of plasma glow discharge so as to integrally bond the coating to the surface of the hydrophobic lens thereby effecting a hydrophilic lens.

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A double layer, nonapertured textile fabric comprising two integrally entangled layers. The first layer contains fibers arranged to form a pattern of apertures or openings in the layer. The second layer comprises a plurality of entangled areas which are disposed within the apertures of the first lay ...

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Quaternary ammonium compounds are provided which are useful in the treatment of cellulose pulp and paper to reduce inter-fiber bonding and thereby obtain a low mechanical strength.

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An instrument for inserting an intrauterine contraceptive device of the kind having one or more outwardly extending arms or protrusions is described. The insertion instrument comprising an inserter tube and coacting rod maintains the arm or arms of the device in an extended configuration during stor ...