Elvia E Contreras Guerrero de Stavropoulos, Stamatios M Stavropoulos: Apparatus for extracting bone marrow specimens. Huebner & Worrel, March 6, 1979: US04142517 (207 worldwide citation)

The device is comprised of a guide tube having an inner end cutting edge and during insertion, carries a stylet to prevent the collection of blood and skin tissue. Adjustable guard means are on the tube for predetermining and limiting the depth of entry. After the tube has been inserted to the prope ...

Nicholas K Sheridon: Method of making a twisting ball panel display. Xerox Corporation, March 6, 1979: US04143103 (200 worldwide citation)

A method of making a display characterized by a plurality of particles which have an electrical anisotropy due to hemispherical surface coatings of different Zeta potential and their distribution in a volume of a dielectric liquid and which also have an optical anisotropy due to the hemispherical su ...

Nelson C Garcia: Endotracheal tube holder. Finnegan Henderson Farabow & Garrett, March 6, 1979: US04142527 (168 worldwide citation)

An endotracheal tube holder for securing an endotracheal tube in a selected position in a patient's trachea. A support strip having an adhesive-backed material to secure the support strip to the patient's face is configured to be positioned in the naso-lip area of the patient's face between the lowe ...

William D Route, John T Auman, Wesley A Rogers: Vehicle operator security system. General Motors Corporation, Robert M Sigler, March 6, 1979: US04143368 (143 worldwide citation)

A portable infrared signal generator is actuatable by a motor vehicle operator at a distance from the vehicle to generate digitally coded infrared signal pulses in accordance with either a first or a second predetermined digital code. A receiver on the motor vehicle is effective to receive the infra ...

Mandayam C Narasimhan: Continuous casting method for metallic strips. Allied Chemical Corporation, Gerhard H Fuchs, March 6, 1979: US04142571 (135 worldwide citation)

Continuous metal strips are formed by forcing molten metal onto the surface of a moving chill body under pressure through a slotted nozzle located in close proximity to the surface of the chill body. Critical selection of nozzle dimensions, velocity of movement of the chill body surface, and gap bet ...

Peter W Sprague: 7-Oxabicycloheptane- and 7-oxabicycloheptene compounds. E R Squibb & Sons, Lawrence S Levinson, Merle J Smith, March 6, 1979: US04143054 (129 worldwide citation)

New 7-oxabicycloheptane- and 7-oxabicycloheptene compounds which have the general formula ##STR1## and intermediates therefor which have the general formulas ##STR2## are useful as cardiovascular agents.

Robert R Brownlee, G Frank O Tyers, Paul H Neff: Monitoring system for cardiac pacers. Research Corporation, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, March 6, 1979: US04142533 (105 worldwide citation)

A complete system for telemetering and monitoring the functioning of an implanted pacemaker as well as controlling the testing of the functions from a remotely located central facility is disclosed specifically comprising the provision of capabilities for directly and simultaneously transmitting fro ...

Jal S Jassawalla, Herbert Chen, Ingvar Olaffson: Cassette for intravenous delivery system. Andros Incorporated, Fitch Even Tabin & Luedeka, March 6, 1979: US04142524 (104 worldwide citation)

A cassette is described for use in an intravenous delivery system having a pump. The volume of a main chamber defined by the cassette body is varied by a membrane in a wall thereof while unidirectional inlet and outlet valves maintain the direction of fluid flow into and out of the main chamber. A p ...

Hans Martin: Ski and skating boot. Roylance Abrams Berdo & Farley, March 6, 1979: US04142307 (101 worldwide citation)

The boot has closing flaps and a fastening. The fastening includes a first tension member guided alternately between the closing flaps by guides, to cover an insertion opening in the upper part of the boot located in the vicinity of the instep, as well as a tightening fastener connected to the end o ...

Tadao Shimamura: Carrier wave recovery system apparatus using synchronous detection. Nippon Electric, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, March 6, 1979: US04143322 (99 worldwide citation)

A carrier wave recovery apparatus of the decision feedback type having analog multipliers of lower dynamic range. The modulated signal is phase detected by comparison with a VCO signal. The analog multipliers receive a signal derived by subtraction of the phase detected signal from the same phase de ...

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