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An ultra-pure, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid fraction which is characterized by the absence of significant cellular infiltration of the vitreous and anterior chamber, absence of significant flare in the aqueous humor, absence of significant haze or flare in the vitreous and absence of pathol ...

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There is disclosed an endotracheal tube which is collapsed transverse to the longitudinal dimension of the tube for insertion into the trachea of a patient. After the tube is in place, it is expanded to open an unobstructed passageway therethrough. An expandable cuff is provided on the exterior of t ...

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An improved iontophoresis device for topical administration of ionic drugs or chemicals through epidermal tissue for anesthetizing or sterilizing local tissue or for applying various medicaments without mechanical penetration. An ionic form of drug is conducted through the epidermal tissue by means ...

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Synthetic absorbable sutures are prepared from copolyoxalate polymers having isomorphic sequences. The polymers are derived from mixtures of cyclic and linear diols, each having the same carbon chain length of 6 or 8 atoms. The cyclic diol may be aliphatic or aromatic. The diols are polymerized with ...

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Tissue stimulation apparatus for positive positioning of an electrode-bearing lead proximous to tissue which is to be stimulated electrically, the invention particularly includes a body penetration and insertion assembly which carries an elongated flexible strip of physiologically inert plastic mate ...

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An electrical device for the noncombustion utilization of tobacco and other smoking materials. The device consists of a canister or other appropriate container within which air is electrically heated to an appropriate temperature for volatilizing the desired components of smoking material previously ...

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Endoscope equipped both with an observation optic and a Laser beam, including a deflectable reflector enabling the laser beam to scan the body tissue and a focus enabling the laser beam focal plane to be varied depth-wise in the body tissue.

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Apparatus for optically recording and reading information on a disc medium rotating surface. The information is recorded on concentric or spiral tracks continuously or in parts. The information, which can represent, for example, television video, x-ray, or digital data signals, are addressed by code ...

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A spectator participation game apparatus for use in conjunction with the observance of a program or sporting event such as a football game in which one or more observers on separate game apparatuses try to predict the type of "play" or occurrence which will next ensue, as well as predicting separate ...

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A high voltage signal coupler couples carrier communication signals between a distribution network primary conductor and communication elements located at spaced intervals on the distribution network. A single bushing, high frequency, coupling capacitor communicates the carrier communication signals ...