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A method and article for performing an aneurysm repair is the subject of the present invention. A prosthetic graft is utilized to replace the damaged segment of the blood vessel. The graft is characterized by being movable from a collapsed formation of a diameter less than the diameter of the vessel ...

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The disclosure describes a technique for uniform heating of relatively large blocks of hydrocarbonaceous formations in situ using radio frequency (RF) electrical energy that is substantially confined to the volume to be heated and effects dielectric heating of the formations. An important aspect of ...

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An electrode structure for use in emitting electromagnetic radiation for localized heating of tissue in medical therapy and capable of permitting deep heat penetration while skin surfaces and subcutaneous tissue remain at lower and physiologic temperatures not harmful to living tissue. An electrode ...

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Sulfur dioxide is removed from a process gas by passing the process gas through a first fragmented permeable mass of particles containing treated oil shale and including alkaline earth metal oxides at a sufficient temperature to remove sulfur dioxide from the process gas. Gas containing sulfur dioxi ...

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An automated library circulation control system includes a plurality of remote book processing terminals and a computer controlling the terminals and processing data between the terminals and the computer to maintain a current inventory of the circulation status of the library books. The system prov ...

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A variable field optical system for endoscopes comprising an image guide, objective, fixed prism and rotatable prism and enabling to observe over a wide range by varying the field by rotating said rotatable prism.

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A bed for obstetrical and similar purposes, having a rigid support frame in two releasable modules which mounts a series of relatively movable mattress sections. When latched end-to-end, the two modules and the mattress sections are capable of being adjusted to various configurations to comfortably ...

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Synthetic filaments composed of homopolymers and copolymers of poly(alkylene oxalates) are absorbable in animal tissue with minimal adverse tissue reaction. Polymers prepared by reacting a dialkyl oxalate with an alkylene diol are melt spun and drawn to obtain oriented fibers having good tensile pro ...

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For a given transmission bit rate, the efficiency of encoding the color components of a color video signal is increased by utilizing information obtained from the luminance component to optimize color component encoding. Specifically, several predictions of the present luminance sample are formed us ...

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An array of transducers is provided for transmitting pulses of ultrasonic pressure waves into a body and translating reflections received into corresponding pulses of electrical waves. Phase changing means, which may preferably include heterodyning means, are connected between each transducer and se ...