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A water-insoluble hydrophilic gel comprising (A) about 20 to about 90% by weight of a hydrophilic (a) polymer of identical or different water-soluble monoolefinic monomers, or (b) copolymer of said water-soluble monomers with 1 to 80% (of total monomers) of water-insoluble, identical or different mo ...

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A capsule containing a substance for making up a drink using an apparatus, said capsule being composed essentially of a sealed body having the general shape of an acute truncated cone with a rim at its base and of a membrane closing the base, said membrane being provided with a line of weakness deli ...

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Pharmaceutical composition unit dosage forms adapted for enteral or topical administration are described, comprising a safe and effective amount of a pharmaceutically active medicament compound dissolved or uniformly dispersed in a flexible, water-soluble film carrier therefor. Admixtures of medicam ...

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A centrifugal blood pump and method of pumping blood is disclosed to provide assistance for a dysfunctional heart. The pump is provided with a magnetic drive system which permits a synchronous magnetic coupling with a separate power unit disposed immediately adjacent the pump housing. The pump has a ...

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N-substituted-p-menthane-3-carboxamides are disclosed having the property of stimulating the cold receptors of the nervous system of the human body to produce a cold sensation and are used for this purpose in a variety of edible and topical preparations.

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A one-piece folded package for a plurality of single- or double-armed sutures comprising two suture mounting panels and one intermediate connecting panel. When folded, the panels completely enclose a major portion of the suture strand while the needles are displayed in an area protected by a separat ...

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A lining comprising a resin absorbent tube having on the outside a fluid impermeable membrane everted into the passageway to line same using fluid pressure. The resin absorbent material is soaked in resin by trapping a quantity of resin in the lining before it everts in the passageway, and the resin ...

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A bone pin for a fractured vertebra has a pair of ends, a bend between the ends, and at least one laterally extending lug at one of the ends. A nonstraight hole is drilled in a vertebra or between two vertebrae and the pin is inserted by means of a special forceps into this hole. Thereafter the lug ...

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An orthopedic device designed and configured to provide ambulatory traction to specific levels of the spine of a human wherein an inflatable bladder is affixed between a rigid base plate and an apertured template plate so as to extend outwardly therefrom to engage the back portion of a patient and p ...

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A trial fitting device for an implantable femoral prosthesis comprising a trial head, a bearing insert removably fitting within the trial head and a femoral prosthesis stem or a trial handle onto which said bearing insert is removably rotatably mounted is disclosed. Differently sized trial heads can ...