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Derivatives of 2-phenyl-3-aroylbenzothiophenes and 2-phenyl-3-aroylbenzothiophene-1-oxides are useful as antifertility agents. Certain of these compounds also are useful in suppressing the growth of mammary tumors.

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An apparatus for reducing obesity in human beings having an inflatable bag to which a flexible tube is attached. The bag is positioned in the stomach, usually by swallowing, and the tube extends up through the esophagus and out of a nasal cavity or out from the abdomen when a gastrostomy is performe ...

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Synthesis gases containing carbon monoxide, eg above 40% volume, and hydrogen are methanated to produce substitute natural gas, after CO.sub.2 removal, wherein the synthesis gas is simultaneously saturated with water, further heated and divided into first and second feed gas streams. The first feed ...

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A color television system, such as the NTSC system, in which at least a part of the chromatic information is transmitted as suppressed carrier amplitude modulation of a subcarrier, and a subcarrier burst is inserted in the signal as a reference signal for use in demodulating the signal in which the ...

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A universal connector for a blood tubing set having a blood tube attached to one end portion and alternative means on the other end portion of said connector for selectively connecting and locking to the blood tube an external arteriovenous shunt, or a fistula.

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An improved ion-sensitive electrode is described, particularly in terms of the structure of a pH electrode and first and second processes for making the same. The pH electrode includes a substrate, preferably of forsterite, which is configured as a wafer having a substantially planar wafer surface. ...

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A liquid dispenser bottle of a resiliently flexible material has a relatively thin, resiliently flexible septum of circular planform seated on and spanning the dispenser outlet, peripherally sealingly clamped in place by a dispenser nozzle cap. The septum has a 90.degree. butt cut slit formation def ...

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An injection site is provided which is molded inside out with inwardly extending rings. The rings have a smaller internal diameter than the external diameter of the tubular member to which the injection site is to be connected. The injection site has a central portion for receiving a needle therethr ...

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A plug-type hearing device comprising a sound-leading portion being inserted into the auditory miatus, a first envelope attached around the sound-leading portion, a second envelope being positioned at the outside of the auditory miatus and being communicated with the first envelope through a pipe, a ...

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A head band for retaining eyeglasses in place comprising a elastomeric, fabric covered stretch band made adjustable by sliding the bows or temple pieces of eyeglasses into tubular members formed from the end portions of a flat band. The tubular members are an integral part of the band so the assembl ...