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A tuner for receiving signals broadcast on two spaced bands, each divided into several channels, has two fixed bandpass filters, one to pass all of the channels in the lower frequency band and the other to pass all of the channels in the higher frequency band. The tuner includes a mixer to which sig ...

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A computer-controlled-manipulator gripper with a set of three-degree-of-freedom force sensors on each finger having strain gauges and 90.degree. shift in orientation of the sensors includes an asymmetric, offset relationship of the location and orientation of analogous sensors on the two fingers in ...

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A system is disclosed for storing signals indicative of a customer's consumption of a utility as measured by a meter, such as adapted to measure the flow of water, gas or electricity, for example, and for storing a corresponding data word to permit subsequent readout from the system of utility consu ...

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There is described a logic element employing fixed threshold and variable threshold transistors electrically connected together in a unique manner to form a latch. The latch can be made to retain data by keeping certain internal nodes at a high or low voltage level. As such it acts as an ordinary se ...

Mitchell S Blichare, Gerald J Jackson Jr: Process for preparing oral sustained release granules. American Cyanamid Company, Claude J Caroli, January 2, 1979: US04132753 (107 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to the process of preparing granules of controlled release medicament by continually agitating a mixture of powdered medicament and finely divided wax-like material while subjecting the mixture to radiation heating.

Robert S Blackwood: Apparatus for and method of cleaning and removing static charges from substrates. FSI Corporation, H Dale Palmatier, January 2, 1979: US04132567 (100 worldwide citation)

Wafers are cleaned in the manufacture of integrated circuits by revolving the wafers successively through a spray of deionized water and drying nitrogen gas in a closed chamber, and introducing ionized nitrogen gas into the closed chamber to eliminate static electric charge on the wafers. The ionize ...

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A technique for the manufacture of a resin-impregnated, reinforced article while resin fumes are prevented from escaping into the surrounding atmosphere. In this technique a permeable reinforcing material, for example of fiberglass, is deposited on a mold or on a structure to be reinforced; a sheet ...

Victor E Barrable: Building board. Cape Boards & Panels, Diller Ramik & Wight, January 2, 1979: US04132555 (97 worldwide citation)

A composition suitable for the manufacture of shaped articles comprising (i) a water-settable inorganic binder which is one or more of a calcium silicate binder, Portland cement, aluminous cement, and blast furnace slag cement, and (ii) fibrous reinforcing material, wherein the fibrous reinforcing m ...

Charles E Ingram: Slidable bracket for article carrier. Four Star Corporation, Basile and Weintraub, January 2, 1979: US04132335 (94 worldwide citation)

A bracket for association with an article carrier, such as a luggage carrier is adapted for sliding adjustment or positioning in a carrier track. The bracket includes a locking mechanism for locking the bracket anywhere along the length of the track. The bracket further includes suitable openings wh ...

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A controlled space is maintained at a desired set point temperature by adjusting the evaporator boiling pressure in a refrigeration system, thereby controlling the evaporator capacity (namely, the amount of cooling imparted to the air supplied to the space) which is inversely proportional to the eva ...