Robert L Whalen: Prosthetic blood conduit. Thermo Electron Corporation, James L Neal, Herbert E Messenger, December 26, 1978: US04130904 (208 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic blood conduit comprises two porous concentrically associated tubes with a helical spring enclosed therebetween. Spring strength and frictional engagement between the spring and tubes enables the conduit to resist collapse under a wide variety of stress forces. Convolutions in the tube w ...

Carmine P Iovine, Dilip K Ray Chaudhuri: Process for the preparation of graft copolymers of a water soluble monomer and polysaccharide employing a two-phase reaction system. National Starch and Chemical Corporation, Edwin Szala, Ellen T Dec, December 26, 1978: US04131576 (175 worldwide citation)

Graft copolymers of a water soluble monomer and polysaccharide are prepared employing a two-phase reaction system under controlled conditions. The resultant graft copolymers are formed at high grafting efficiency and high conversion and obtained as precipitated solid beads.

Richard S Hogendobler, Robert M Murray: RF shielded blank for coaxial connector. AMP Incorporated, Gerald K Kita, December 26, 1978: US04131332 (154 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to an assembly of stamped and formed parts for a coaxial connector with RF shielding ensured by a unitary ferrule intimately surrounding open seams in the stamped and formed parts. Also the disclosure relates to a blank which may be formed into a coaxial connector part having ...

Francis Denu: Sole for footwear, especially sports footwear. Adidas Fabrique de Chaussures de Sport, Brisebois & Kruger, December 26, 1978: US04130947 (131 worldwide citation)

A sole for footwear, especially sports footwear, has a lower layer provided with transverse ribs and an upper shock-absorbing layer. The lower layer may be of natural rubber of Shore hardness from 55 to 60 and the upper layer of lower-density natural or synthetic rubber of Shore hardness about 40.

Arthur B Braden, Thomas R McBride, Donald J Styblo, Samuel K Taylor, Joseph B Richey: Automatic patient table having means for transporting patient along a table. Ohio Nuclear, Fay & Sharpe, December 26, 1978: US04131802 (118 worldwide citation)

A versatile patient table system for transverse axial scanners employs front and rear tables with a spanning patient pallet for abdominal scans. A motorized conveyer belt on the front table increments the axial position of the patient. For brain scans the rear table and patient pallet are replaced b ...

Gareth A Lloyd, Steven J Sasson: Electronic still camera. Eastman Kodak Company, D P Monteith, December 26, 1978: US04131919 (118 worldwide citation)

Electronic imaging apparatus, preferably an electronic still camera, employs an inexpensive information-recording medium such as audio-grade magnetic tape for "capturing" scene images. The camera includes a charge coupled device comprised of an array of photosensitive elements which form a charge pa ...

Paul B Robinson: Communication system including addressing apparatus for use in remotely controllable devices. December 26, 1978: US04131881 (117 worldwide citation)

A data communication system includes apparatus for use in each of a plurality of simultaneously addressable terminal units. Means are provided for recognizing a large number of addresses to allow the selective addressing of any single terminal unit, simultaneous addressing of all terminal units, or ...

Robert E Munson, Gary G Sanford: Microstrip radiator with folded resonant cavity. Ball Corporation, J David Haynes, December 26, 1978: US04131893 (114 worldwide citation)

A resonant microstrip radiator wherein the size of the radiator is reduced in the resonant or non-resonant dimensions, or both, without reducing the effective resonant dimension or substantially lowering the efficiency of the radiator. Reduction of the resonant dimension is provided by folding the r ...

Waldemar Bluethgen, Heinz Broemer, Klaus K Deutscher: Bioactive composite material process of producing and method of using same. Ernst Leitz, Bacon & Thomas, December 26, 1978: US04131597 (114 worldwide citation)

The composite material for prosthetic purposes of the present invention is essentially composed of a plastic matrix, preferably of a methacrylate plastic, and at least one bioactive filler material, preferably a glass ceramic material of apatite crystal structure. The finely comminuted bioactive mat ...

Stephen B Weinstein: Echo cancellation in two-wire, two-way data transmission systems. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Joseph P Kearns, December 26, 1978: US04131767 (106 worldwide citation)

An adaptive echo canceller for two-wire, simultaneous two-way data communication at full bandwidth uses Nyquist-interval, rather than baud-interval, processing to achieve independence from timing discrepancies between near-end and far-end terminals. The entire echo signal, and not merely baud-interv ...