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An automated medical history taking system and technique wherein selected branch paths through a questioning repertory are provided in accordance with stated patient complaints and wherein medically related questions are automatically propounded even though not specifically selected for review by a ...

Ernst Jorn: Process for preparing methane rich gases. Haldor Topsoe, Lawrence Rosen, E Janet Berry, December 19, 1978: US04130575 (236 worldwide citation)

Hydrogen and carbon oxides are reacted to form methane by passing an inlet stream of preheated methanation synthesis gas together with a recycle stream of product gas through a catalyst bed in an adiabatic methanation reactor. The inlet temperature is between 250.degree. and 350.degree. C, the outle ...

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Thermoplastic vulcanizates, comprising blends of olefin rubber and thermoplastic olefin resin in which the rubber is completely cured, exhibit superior physical properties including improved tensile strength.

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Absorbable copolyoxalate polymers having isomorphic sequences are formulated with drugs and introduced into the body to provide a slow, sustained release of the drug over an extended period of time in accordance with the rate of absorption of the polymer. The copolyoxalate polymers are derived from ...

Charles M Graham: Retractor. Richards Manufacturing Co, December 19, 1978: US04130113 (148 worldwide citation)

A retractor for opening and holding open an incision to allow a surgeon ready access through the incision during an operation or the like. A plurality of substantially opposed flesh engaging blades for engaging the sides of a surgical incision are pivotally mounted on a body which is provided with a ...

Marc Chomet: Pay television system. Teleglobe Pay TV System, Marianne Rich, December 19, 1978: US04130833 (146 worldwide citation)

The standard composite television signal is modulated onto an intermediate frequency carrier signal. The so-modulated signal is applied to the input of a first and second frequency converter for conversion respectively to a first or second UHF or VHF output frequency. The two converters are enabled ...

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A memory type fuel control system and method of operating a motor vehicle internal combustion engine having a three-way catalytic converter. A fuel flow control system provides a fuel supply rate near the air/fuel ratio at which the catalytic converter has maximum three-way conversion efficiency. Th ...

Charles Petrosky: Air cushion shoe base. James C Wray, December 19, 1978: US04129951 (116 worldwide citation)

An air cushion shoe base has a thick sole and a thick vertical rim across which are formed air tight partitions and an insole. Each partition has a small valving orifice for flowing fluid between sections on opposite sides of a partition. A valve is provided within the rim, and the valve has a centr ...

Stewart E Miller, Kinichiro Ogawa: Coupling arrangements between a light-emitting diode and an optical fiber waveguide and between an optical fiber waveguide and a semiconductor optical detector. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Stephen M Gurey, December 19, 1978: US04130343 (109 worldwide citation)

A terminating portion of an optical fiber waveguide having a polished beveled end is laterally disposed directly on the light-emitting surface of a light-emitting diode (LED). The light power coupled into the fiber consists of two components: the light power directly coupled into the fiber all along ...

Gordon W Calundann: Melt processable thermotropic wholly aromatic polyester comprising both para-oxybenzoyl and meta-oxybenzoyl moieties. Celanese Corporation, Kenneth A Genoni, December 19, 1978: US04130545 (105 worldwide citation)

A wholly aromatic polyester is provided which unlike the aromatic polyesters normally encountered in the prior art is not intractable or difficultly tractable and readily undergoes melt processing with ease. The aromatic polyester of the present invention consists essentially of the recurring units ...