Method and apparatus for testing thermocouples. Solartron Electronic Group, November 29, 1978: GB1534280-A (49 worldwide citation)

1534280 Testing thermocouples SOLARTRON ELECTRONIC GROUP Ltd 27 Feb 1976 [28 Feb 1975] 8369/75 Heading G1U In a method of testing a thermocouple, firstly the resistance of the thermocouple is measured and stored at an instant when the thermocouple is known to be in good working condition, and second ...

Process for the production of elastomeric polyurethane-polyurea moulded products having a compact surface skin. Bayer, November 29, 1978: GB1534258-A (31 worldwide citation)

1534258 Elastomeric polyurethane polyurea mouldings BAYER AG 17 May 1977 [21 May 1976] 20663/77 Heading C3R [Also in Division B5] A process for the production of an elastomeric polyurethane-polyurea moulded product having a compact surface skin comprises reacting as a one-shot system by the reaction ...

Method and apparatus for the automatic regulation of the air ratio in combustion. Bbc Brown Boveri & Cie, November 29, 1978: GB1534288-A (28 worldwide citation)

1534288 Automatic control of fuel/air ratio in IC engines BROWN BOVERI & CIE AG 19 Dec 1975 [19 Dec 1974] 52151/75 Heading G3R A control system for the air/fuel mixture supplied to a combustion chamber includes means to change the constituents of the hot exhaust products before their oxygen content ...

Endoprosthetic knee joint devices. Nat Res Dev, November 29, 1978: GB1534263-A (24 worldwide citation)

1534263 Endoprosthetic knee joints NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORP 17 Nov 1975 [18 Nov 1974] 49795/74 Heading A5R An endoprosthetic knee joint device comprises: a femoral component 10 having a bearing body 11 in the form of a curved strip having a convex face which defines a part-spherical bearin ...

Lure launching cartridges. Lacroix Soc E, November 29, 1978: GB1534134-A (21 worldwide citation)

1534134 Cartridge for launching missile lures SOC E LACROIX 12 Dec 1975 50965/75 Heading F3A A cartridge for launching electromagnetic or infra-red lures from an aircraft to confuse the guiding system of a missile launched against the aircraft, comprises a casing 10, Fig. 4, containing a number of p ...

Production of alcohols by catalytic hydrogenation of carboxylic acids lactones or anhydrides. Veba Chemie, November 29, 1978: GB1534232-A (16 worldwide citation)

1534232 Hydrogenation catalysts VEBACHEMIE AG 3 Feb 1977 [10 Feb 1976] 4497/77 Heading BIE [Also in Division C2] A hydrogenation catalyst comprises palladium and rhenium in a weight ratio of 0.01:1 to 5:1, and an acid-resistant carrier, e.g. silicic acid, alumina or activated charcoal.

Refuse receptacle. Blackburn J, November 29, 1978: GB1533841-A (15 worldwide citation)

1533841 Refuse receptacles J D H BLACKBURN 17 Dec 1975 [2 Oct 1974] 42693/74 Headings A4A A refuse receptacle comprises a holder 10, a detachable lid 11, semi-circular cross-section container 12 and quadrant cross-section containers 13 and 14 the height of the holder being greater than the width of ...

Force transducers. Emi, November 29, 1978: GB1534276-A (14 worldwide citation)

1534276 Force transducers EMI Ltd 2 Feb 1976 [1 Feb 1975 (2)] 4465/75 Heading G1N A force transducer includes a planar element in the form of a beam 6 with strain-sensing resistors 1-4 on its upper surface on reduced thickness portions 7, and having parallel limbs AD, BC and a re-entrant portion bet ...

Hose pipe or cable coupling. Madni, November 29, 1978: GB1533785-A (13 worldwide citation)

1533785 Electrical couplings S A MADNI 7 July 1977 [14 July 1976 2 Nov 1976] 15168/76 and 45403/76 Heading H2E [Also in Division F2] A releasable electrical cable, &c. coupling comprises a spigot 10, Fig. 1, having an inwardly-facing flange 13 adjacent its end to latch behind a segmental ring 27 car ...

Headgear incorporating optical display systems. Elliott Bros, November 29, 1978: GB1533859-A (13 worldwide citation)

1533859 Head-up display ELLIOTT BROS (LONDON) Ltd 27 April 1976 [29 April 1975] 17812/75 Heading G2J A helmet has a display device (light-emitter diode array 33) collimated and presented to the wearer by a prism 37 and the visor 29. The optics are such that spherical aberration introduced by the vis ...

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