Leo A Bullara: Implantable pressure transducer. Huntington Institute of Applied Medical Research, Christie Parker & Hale, November 28, 1978: US04127110 (260 worldwide citation)

A wireless, surgically implantable pressure transducer for measuring pressure of fluid or tissue in a body chamber such as a brain ventricle of a patient suffering hydrocephalus or a head injury. The transducer includes an inductor and a capacitor connected in parallel to form a resonant L-C circuit ...

Blaine G Lowthorp: Tactile touch switch panel. Sheldahl, Orrin M Haugen, Thomas J Nikolai, November 28, 1978: US04127752 (193 worldwide citation)

A touch panel diaphragm-type switch array providing improved tactile feedback. A rigid substrate having a printed circuit conductor pattern thereon, with the pattern defining a plurality of switch locations, each including first and second separate electrical contacts is provided and superimposed th ...

Roberta V Adams: Sewing thimble. Francis X Lo Jacono Sr, November 28, 1978: US04127222 (191 worldwide citation)

An improved sewing thimble having an elongated, tubular body consisting of a pliable material, such as rubber, wherein a plurality of vent holes are disposed about the annular body portion, the inner bore thereof being designed to conform to the average finger, including those having extended finger ...

Alexander D Jacobson, Jan Grinberg, Donald E Sprotbery, Donald D Boswell: High brightness full color image light valve projection system. Hughes Aircraft Company, Donald C Keaveney, W H MacAllister, November 28, 1978: US04127322 (188 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed an electro-optical system for real time projection of very high brightness, full color pictorial images from television or other program sources onto a large display screen from a set of three reflection type AC driven field effect mode birefringent liquid crystal light valves eac ...

George Levitt: Herbicidal sulfonamides. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, November 28, 1978: US04127405 (172 worldwide citation)

N-(1,3,5-triazin-2-ylaminocarbonyl) arylsulfonamides, such as N-[(4,6-dimethyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)aminocarbonyl]benzenesulfonamide, are useful for the regulation of plant growth and as herbicides, particularly for controlling nutsedge.

David T Green: Wide fascia staple cartridge. United States Surgical Corporation, Fleit & Jacobson, November 28, 1978: US04127227 (142 worldwide citation)

A cartridge is provided for applying staples to the disunited fascia of a patient. The cartridge is adapted to associate with a surgical stapling instrument which supplies rectilinear thrust to power the cartridge. The cartridge houses a plurality of staples mounted on a flexible belt. A pusher is s ...

Larry A Watkins, John W Graham: Method of gravel packing a well. Exxon Production Research Company, Michael A Nametz, Gary D Lawson, November 28, 1978: US04127173 (105 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a gravel pack in a wellbore is disclosed which involves disposing a pipe adjacent the incompetent formation, depositing gravel around the pipe, consolidating the resulting gravel bed using a suitable resinous material, and removing the pipe to leave a high permeability, high stre ...

Harry R Hanson, Hollis A Baugh, Thomas W Childers, James B Greer: Well packers using metal to metal seals. Exxon Production Research Company, Michael A Nametz, Gary D Lawson, November 28, 1978: US04127168 (95 worldwide citation)

An improved well packer for use in sour gas wells is disclosed. The improved packer includes a cylindrical mandrel encircled with a resilient metal seal ring, means for anchoring the packer at a predetermined vertical depth, means for radially expanding the seal rings so as to cause sealing engageme ...

J Hardy House: Solid state force transducer. Conrac Corporation, November 28, 1978: US04127840 (93 worldwide citation)

The limited temperature range for operation of conventional semiconductive force transducers is greatly extended in both directions, typically attaining a range from about 4.degree. Kelvin to at least about 400.degree. C. A piezoresistive strain gage is typically formed in a monocrystalline layer of ...

Alvaro Latorre: Bruce Newell, November 28, 1978: US04127118 (83 worldwide citation)

A method of alleviating and treating male impotence by effecting and enhancing an erection by injecting into the penis an appropriate vasodilator, a sympathomimetic amine, or an adrenergic blocking agent.