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A display system in which the display panel is comprised of a plurality of particles which have an electrical anisotropy due to hemispherical surface coatings of different Zeta potential and their distribution in a volume of a dielectric liquid, and which also have an optical anisotropy due to the h ...

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An electrosurgical unit having a feedback control circuit for providing control of the power amplifier of the unit so power delivered to tissue presented between the active and return electrodes of the unit will be substantially constant over the range of impedance presented by various tissues that ...

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An outer conductor attachment apparatus for use with a coaxial cable connector. The apparatus comprises a truncated cone shaped member having a longitudinal passage extending therethrough for insertion of the inner conductors of a coaxial cable. Adjacent the larger end of the cone shaped member, the ...

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A power supply circuit for a camera wherein a detection circuit which detects the voltage of a power source is provided for supplying an electric power to the electric circuit of the camera only when the detected voltage is above a preset value.In the power supply circuit, the power supply is contro ...

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A system wherein a telephone calling signal from a central station initiates the connection of a remote terminal, including a data accumulator, at a subscriber's station to a nondedicated telephone line for reading by a billing processor computer at the central station. In one embodiment, sequential ...

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An intravenous and intra arterial delivery system is described having a disposable cassette actuated by a pump and control electronics for providing positive but variable delivery rates. The cassette is self-priming and provides protection against the delivery of air by being unable to impel air, an ...

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Aqueous solutions of oxytetracycline, doxycycline or chlortetracycline in caprolactam or 2-piperidone are disclosed.

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A mandrel that forms an annular space when inserted within a tube and has O rings adjacent each end and a leading end having a tapered portion and a spring cooperatively associated with the O ring to facilitate sliding the mandrel into the tube and forming a fluid-tight seal adjacent the leading end ...

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An automatic, portable digit outpulser for use with a telephone is disclosed. In one preferred embodiment, the outpulser resembles a credit card encasing electronic circuitry and having a low-profile acoustic device mounted on one surface of the card for acoustically coupling the outpulser to the tr ...

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A CHD reactor is modified to include a feed nozzle arrangement which hydrogen-saturates the charged liquid before distribution across the fixed catalyst bed by a pair of gas/liquid distributor trays. Product is recovered from the catalyst bed through an apparatus arrangement comprising Glitsch grid ...