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This invention relates to method and apparatus for isolating and treating one of a plurality of selected zones located downhole in a borehole by freezing spaced-apart portions of the formation so that the zone to be treated is located therebetween. Treatment fluid is pumped down the apparatus of the ...

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A stress-free transitional RF connector assembly is provided which electrically connects a planar conductor in a planar electric circuit with a cable or component having a conventional RF connector at one end thereof. The assembly includes a connector body one end of which is arranged to mate with t ...

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A launcher for waves of selected mode in an optical dielectric waveguide having a core surrounded by cladding, in which the launcher includes a prism of refractive index greater than that of the waveguide and preferably greater than that of the core of the waveguide which is placed against the waveg ...

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Cells are automatically classified and analyzed by staining a measured amount of a specimen with a material which is adapted to fluoresce when illuminated; preparing a slide containing the stained specimen; illuminating the slide with light of successively changing wavelengths to measure the presenc ...

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An apparatus for simulating an arc welding operation, for training welders and for evaluating a welder's performance including a target representing a simulated weld to be made, mechanism for imparting predetermined motion to the target, a simulated welding tool including a simulated welding rod and ...

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A foil-backed blister sheet is sandwiched between upper and lower sheets formed by folding a single die-cut card having a heat-sealable adhesive coating on one side. Blisters project through holes in the upper sheet, and the blister contents are removed by pushing them through the foil backing and t ...

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A thermoplastic molding composition comprising a polycarbonate, a poly(1,4-butylene terephthalate) and a copolyester of an aliphatic or cycloaliphatic diol and a mixture of terephthalic and isophthalic acids.

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A rescue and transportation device constructed of flexible cloth-like material and including a bottom portion for receiving a victim, the bottom portion having a head end and a foot end with longitudinally extending first and second side flaps, the foot end and side flaps being configured for substa ...

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A plastic body is provided for use in a container which is adapted to hold product under vacuum, without undesirable deformation of the container. The body has a curvilinear bulge at the base of its cylindrical sidewall, and the bulge is dimensioned and configured to permit its slight deflection und ...

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A fibrous web is uniformly adhered to the surface of a smooth creping cylinder or other creping surface without causing substantial compression of the web. A raised pattern is pressed into the web toward the creping cylinder to cause the portions of the web that are pressed to adhere more strongly t ...