William S Shore: Plant package. Bosworth Sessions & McCoy, October 10, 1978: US04118890 (451 worldwide citation)

A plant package is disclosed which protects and maintains the plant during shipment, storage and display and which permits the marketing of plants through self-service outlets. The package has an outer light-transmissive plastic container which is generally prismatic-shaped with a polygonal cross se ...

Walter Kremnitz: Method and system for the automatic orientation and control of a robot. ITO Patent, W G Fasse, W W Roberts, October 10, 1978: US04119900 (261 worldwide citation)

The present method and system for the automatic orientation and control of a robot in a space or on a surface to be worked by the robot, for example an area to be vacuum-cleaned or a lawn to be mowed, employs a plurality of distance measuring devices, which continuously and repeatedly measure distan ...

Richard Johnstone: Computer software security system. Kearney & Trecker Corporation, Cyril M Hajewski, October 10, 1978: US04120030 (234 worldwide citation)

The data address portions of a set of computer instructions are scrambled in accordance with a predetermined cipher key before the instructions are loaded into the instruction memory. The instructions with the scrambled data address portions are then loaded into the instruction memory at addresses c ...

Toru Yamazaki: Elastomer display device. Citizen Watch, Sherman & Shalloway, October 10, 1978: US04119368 (160 worldwide citation)

An elastomer display device which can discriminate by unaided visual observation a pattern to be displayed by utilizing elastic deformation of an elastomer produced upon application of an electric voltage thereto is disclosed. The device comprises a transparent substrate and four laminated coatings ...

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A substrate is coated with a polyvinylpyrrolidone-polyurethane interpolymer. In the method, a polyisocyanate and a polyurethane in a solvent such as methyl ethyl ketone are applied to a substrate and the solvent evaporated. If the substrate is a polyurethane, only the polyisocyanate need be employed ...

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Gaseous and liquid products discharged from the outlet of an in-situ retort for the retorting of oil shale are delivered into an underground separating chamber located substantially at the level of the bottom of the retort. The lower portion of the separating chamber is divided by a weir into a firs ...

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An improved artificial sphincter for occluding a duct. The basic sphincter includes means to increase the occlusive force about the duct and means to control the increase of such occlusive force. To protect the duct from excessive or damaging occlusion the basic sphincter is improved by including me ...

Irfan Camlibel, Theodore Charles Rich: Package for optical devices including optical fiber-to-metal hermetic seal. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Michael J Urbano, October 10, 1978: US04119363 (131 worldwide citation)

An optical fiber is hermetically sealed to a metal housing containing an optical device (e.g, a semiconductor junction laser or photodiode) by threading and centering the fiber through a thin walled metal tube, filling the tube with solder (e.g., a cylindrical preform) and allowing it to cool. The s ...

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An electro-optical remote meter reading system, including an electro-optical monitor unit having a non-contact meter scanner providing meter data to a digital storage and readout unit, and an electro-optical transponder effective to receive and to transfer data from the latter unit and to convert su ...

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The method of treating tumors by radio frequency heating at the location of the tumor to cause necrosis of the tumor tissue in which hypotension is induced during the treatment.