Edward R Hauser: Web of blended microfibers and crimped bulking fibers. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, Roger R Tamte, October 3, 1978: US04118531 (326 worldwide citation)

Mixtures of microfibers and crimped bulking fibers produce a lofty resilient web having properties that are unique for microfiber-based webs. Included in these properties are a combination of high thermal resistance per unit of thickness and moderate weight, as well as other properties which give th ...

John Raymond Schaefgen: Aromatic copolyester capable of forming an optically anisotropic melt. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, October 3, 1978: US04118372 (140 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a class of synthetic polyesters and copolyesters which display optical anisotrophy in the molten state and to the fibers, films, and other shaped articles obtained from the optically anisotropic melts.

Uno Eugen Erikson: Catheter for selective coronary arteriography of the left coronary artery. Siemens Elema, Fred Philpitt, October 3, 1978: US04117836 (130 worldwide citation)

A catheter for selective coronary arteriography of the left coronary artery, which catheter comprises a main part and an end section which latter comprises by turn from the main part a slightly curved part, a first short strongly curved part, a straight part, a second short strongly curved part and ...

Kichi Yoneda: Emergency system for stopping a band blade of a cutting apparatus. Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, October 3, 1978: US04117752 (120 worldwide citation)

An emergency system for stopping the endless band blade reeved around a plurality of pulleys rotatably mounted on the base of a cutting apparatus. The system has a bearing rotatably mounted on the base and held in contact with the band blade at all times and an amplifier electrically connected to th ...

Brian Neal, Lars Q Andersen: Noise suppressing exhaust mixer assembly for ducted-fan, turbojet engine. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, October 3, 1978: US04117671 (120 worldwide citation)

To suppress jet noise emanating from a ducted-fan turbojet engine, an improved exhaust mixer assembly is disclosed that is mounted between the engine and the exhaust nozzle and that mixes the flow of high-velocity primary gases (turbine exhaust) with the lower-velocity air from the fan duct in a man ...

Lawrence G Kurland, Michael J Freeman: Real time conversational toy having secure playback response. Michael J Freeman, Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross, October 3, 1978: US04117605 (120 worldwide citation)

A real time conversational verbal interactive toy apparatus capable of providing a conversational type response to an interrogatory message from a removably insertable magnetic storage medium which comprises a plurality of coextensive multipurpose audio tracks contained in a housing includes a multi ...

Ronald A Charles, Paul W Jones, John L Staples, Joseph R Wiegner: Automated microbial analyzer. McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Gravely Lieder & Woodruff, October 3, 1978: US04118280 (120 worldwide citation)

Medical specimens suspected of containing harmful microorganisms are diluted in saline solution and the dilution so formed is vacuum loaded into a cuvette or card containing viewing walls having dried selective culture media therein. The dilution rehydrates the culture media, each of which is select ...

Paul J Fung: Remote disconnect-reconnect tap for cable television systems. Premier Cablevision, National Cablevision, Fetherstonhaugh & Co, October 3, 1978: US04118669 (101 worldwide citation)

A remotely controlled disconnect-reconnect tap for a cable television system having a head end feeding a cable distribution system. The tap comprises means for receiving and detecting a plurality of pairs of tones modulated on a carrier and sent over the cable distribution system from the head end, ...

Carmen J Lagarelli, Charles J Rudewick: Showerhead. Speakman Company, Connolly and Hutz, October 3, 1978: US04117979 (96 worldwide citation)

A showerhead having an axially shiftable valve means to deliver either a continuous steady water spray or an intermittent or pulsating water spray. The head has a peripheral chamber through which water flows to provide the continuous steady shower spray and an inner chamber through which the water f ...

William K Hilfiker: Fabric structures for earth retaining walls. Hilfiker Pipe Co, Naylor Neal & Uilkema, October 3, 1978: US04117686 (92 worldwide citation)

Low-cost and very effective retaining walls are constructed with stacked, generally rectangular, trays of steel wire fabric sheets, each with one end bent up to form a portion of the wall face. In constructing a wall, a first course of trays is set in place and filled, with filtering rocks and/or ma ...