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Coal gas is produced in situ using the techniques of gasification, liquefaction and pyrolysis. Normal effluents to the atmosphere are recycled in part to the underground reaction zone for conversion into commercial products. Contaminants to underground aquifers are captured and injected into the und ...

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A device and system for the cutting and/or coagulation of human tissue with the use of high frequency currents. This invention is used to cut materials similar to the human tissue which can emit steam or gassy products when sufficiently heated. It controls the extent of the arc generated during the ...

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In an apparatus for accurately counting a stack of documents and especially legal tender (i.e., paper money), tests for authenticity are performed simultaneously with the counting operation and without in any way impeding the type of counting operation being performed. At the same time that the coun ...

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A method by which surgical implements, surgical instruments, surgical sponges, surgical implantable devices and indwelling therapeutic devices and materials may be detected within the human body or other area of interest by incorporating or adding a radiofrequency transponder. Non-linear mixing of t ...

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A catheter assembly insertable into a blood vessel for directing medicinal fluids intravenously into the vessel while providing for substantially uninterrupted flow of blood through the vessel; and, an anchoring flap mountable onto the catheter assembly or any other catheter for anchoring such cathe ...

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New catalyst components comprising compounds containing titanium, magnesium and halogens, and catalysts for polymerizing olefins obtained by mixing said components with organometallic Al compounds are disclosed.

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A probe station having a cryogenic container preferably situated in a vacuum chamber. Semiconductor devices to be tested are attached to the container of cryogenic liquid. Electrical contact to the devices is made using contact wires which are moved by manipulators lying outside the vacuum chamber. ...

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There is provided a one-way data transmission system wherein a transmitter station transmits in the form of data packs data from a plurality of channels, the said packs being time multiplexed.

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A test fixture for a circuit board testing system having a plurality of probes, some of which are mounted on one platen and others on another within the fixture. The platens are selectively advanced by use of a vacuum and thereby the probes associated with each platen are advanced into contact with ...

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A mixture of two different kinds of particles having distinctive, different properties is employed for determining the presence of a select protein in, or the absence of a select protein from, a solution. The first kind of particle provides a property facilitating separation, while the second kind o ...