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A rotary drill bit for rock drilling comprising a plurality of cutting elements mounted by interference-fit in recesses in the crown of the drill bit. Each cutting element comprises an elongated pin with a thin layer of polycrystalline diamond bonded to the free end of the pin.

Joe L Hughes: Needle holding device with pick-up means. James B Middleton, August 29, 1978: US04109658 (156 worldwide citation)

A needle holding device for a surgical needle during a suturing procedure, the device including a holding device for holding the needle while passing the needle through the material to be sutured, and a selectively movable pick-up device to grasp the point of the needle and pull the needle through t ...

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A multi-penetration vaccination apparatus comprising a mounting having on e side a manually engageable portion for the handling of the apparatus and on the other side one or more levels of supports adapted for removable press-fit of one extremity of concentric sleeves, the free extremity of the slee ...

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A striped, flexible laminate sheet is disclosed, together with a method and apparatus for making the sheet. The sheet can include first and second plies, and an intermediate open woven scrim bonded together by a plastisol bonding agent. Atop one ply are heat-bonded one or more relatively narrow and ...

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A fluid cooling system for electronic systems particularly adapted to cool large scale integrated circuit chips mounted on substrates. The system has one or more heat exchangers through which a liquid coolant is circulated. Each heat exchanger has a flexible wall and is mounted so that its flexible ...

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The present invention provides porous polytetrafluoroethylene ("PTFE") products having fine pores and high porosity, the pore diameter being less than about 1,500A, generally ranging from about 100A to 1,000A. The process for the manufacture of these products comprises: (a) shaping of a lubricated P ...

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A cartridge-type humidifier apparatus embodying a separate heater module with a cylindrical opening for replaceably receiving therein disposable cylindrical humidifier cartridge modules. Certain upgraded embodiments of the cartridge modules are sterilizable and reusable several times before being di ...

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A word processing system for displaying and reproducing a plurality of alphanumeric characters on a solid state display and capable of printing from that display consisting of a housing containing an electronic keyboard with indicia markings on the keys. There is provided at least one solid state di ...

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The invention relates to a method of manufacturing spherical particles, either homogeneous or porous, from polymer solutions, wherein a polymer solution is dispersed or suspended in a liquid dispersing medium incapable of dissolving the polymer and immiscible with the polymer solvent, and the emulsi ...

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A unicycle wheel has a fixed unit having fixed pedals on either side thereof on which the operator stands, and a rotatable ground engaging unit mounted on the fixed unit and forming a hollow body with it. Drive means are mounted within the hollow body together with means operated upon forward or rea ...