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A supported bioprosthetic heart valve in which the supporting stent is capable of annular deformation and also of limited perimetric expansion and contraction during heart operation. The stent includes a wire frame composed of a single flexible wire preformed to define inverted U-shaped commissure s ...

Richard Charles Oppenheim, Jennifer Joy Marty, Peter Speiser: Injectable compositions, nanoparticles useful therein, and process of manufacturing same. Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria, Cushman Darby & Cushman, August 15, 1978: US04107288 (181 worldwide citation)

Particles in the size range from about 10 to about 1000 nm, preferably less than about 500 nm, which comprise a crosslinked matrix of macromolecules of natural origin.

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An internal combustion engine with an auxiliary combustion chamber is provided with a main combustion chamber for the combustion of an air-fuel mixture, an auxiliary combustion chamber communicating with the main combustion chamber through a passage, such that the ignition of an air-fuel mixture in ...

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A body-implantable, intravascular lead affixed with a pin or pins at its proximal end adapted to be connected to a cardiac pacemaker pulse generator and with an electrode or electrodes at its distal end adapted to be securely and permanently attached to a body organ through endothelial tissue. An el ...

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A system for determining viewing habits of television viewers, or television viewer reaction, in a multi-channel television broadcast reception area includes a television broadcast display set. A remote control for the television set has a manually actuable device located at a distance from the tele ...

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A system for administering a metered dose of nebulized antigen tests a patient's pulmonary response. The system includes a thermistor detector for sensing initiation of patient inhalation. A variable electronic timer meters the amount of nebulized antigen introduced to the patient. Safety switching ...


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An electrical connector having a plug means with a plug shell and a receptacle means with a receptacle shell receivable within said plug shell in coaxial relation for interconnecting a plurality of electrical conductors; and an annular resilient member between said plug and receptacle shells for pro ...

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A video program is broadcast to different video display sets in a broadcast reception area for display at the discretion of television viewers in that area. In order to determine the reaction of television viewers to the displayed broadcast video program, a determination of a relative number of sets ...

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An automatic vehicle location system wherein the position of a mobile unit is at any time (on a "real-time" basis) defined by a stored predetermined location code communicated to the mobile unit from a remote unit at a predetermined location and dead reckoned location coordinates relative to such st ...