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New proline derivatives and related compounds which have the general formula ##STR1## are useful as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.

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Surgically non-invasive method of and apparatus for altering the growth, repair of maintenance behavior of living tissues and/or cells by inducing voltage and concomitant current pulses of specific time-frequency - amplitude relations therewithin.

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The tie-down properties of multifilament surgical sutures are improved by coating the suture with an absorbable composition comprising a poly(alkylene oxalate) wherein the alkylene is a C.sub.6 or a mixture of C.sub.4 to C.sub.12 alkylene moieties. Braided sutures coated with from about 1 to 15 perc ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of disorders characterized by cracking, flaking or scaling of the skin consisting of the topical application of a lotion, cream or ointment containing one or more of the .alpha.- or .beta.-hydroxy acids or .alpha.-keto acids and e ...

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An identification card with interior circuits, including memory means, for use in a credit or identification system, into which the user enters a "secret" number and then the input gate to that part of the memory means is destroyed for security purposes.

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An electronic mail box includes an entry slot for receiving a letter to be transmitted electronically to a remote point, an optical reader for converting the letter text to electronic signals, and a keyboard for receiving the address of the addressee. The address is checked for consistency. Then the ...

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Apparatus for subcutaneously implanting drug-containing pellets in animals. The apparatus comprises a handle; attached to the handle, a track along which a carriage moves; a carriage which moves along the track, the carriage having (i) a front part adapted to receive and retain a detachable needle h ...

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An improved liner assembly for open hole, multi-zone gravel pack completions employing full opening gravel and cementing collars and full opening inflatable packers. The valve mechanism of each full opening collar and full opening packer comprises an inner valve sleeve operated solely by vertical re ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of diseases characterized by defects in keratinization consisting of the topical application of a solution, lotion, cream or shampoo containing one or more of the .alpha.-hydroxy or .alpha.-keto acid amides and/or ammonium salts i ...

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Disclosed herein are certain novel compounds which are most properly designated as 3-isothiazolones. These compounds and compositions containing them exhibit a broad spectrum of biocidal properties and are particularly effective for the control of microorganisms.