Donald Leal Harris: Self-suturing cardiac pacer lead. Cordis Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, August 1, 1978: US04103690 (300 worldwide citation)

The cardiac pacer lead disclosed herein may be secured or effectively sutured to cardiac tissue by ejecting a length of malleable wire through a tubular die having, at its distal end, a curved central bore which imparts a curvature of essentially predetermined radius to the wire. Passing through the ...

James Allan Bondur, Hans Bernhard Pogge: Method for forming isolated regions of silicon utilizing reactive ion etching. International Business Machines Corporation, George O Saile, August 1, 1978: US04104086 (148 worldwide citation)

A method for isolating regions of silicon involving the formation of openings that have a suitable taper in a block of silicon, thermally oxidizing the surfaces of the openings, and filling the openings with a dielectric material to isolate regions of silicon within the silicon block. The method is ...

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A computer system organization which allows a program to specify a predetermined security level for other programs which it invokes, while at the same time being subject to security restraints placed on it either by a higher priority level invoking program or by the operating system. A plurality of ...

John R Martin, Robert S Block: System for accumulating data over nondedicated telephone lines. Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, August 1, 1978: US04104486 (138 worldwide citation)

A telephone data accumulator system for accumulating data at a central station through connection of the central station to a remote subscriber's station, including a data accumulator, by way of nondedicated telephone lines. The remote terminal is selectively conditioned to generate dialing signals ...

Stephen R Hartshorn: Generation of chlorine dioxide for disinfection and sterilization. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, Mark A Litman, August 1, 1978: US04104190 (132 worldwide citation)

Chlorine dioxide is generated from aqueous liquids container alkali metal or alkaline earth metal chlorites, and compounds which liberate chlorine in water. Dry, stable, solid compositions, in one or two parts, can be made from these and other ingredients.

Aubert Y Coran, Raman P Patel: Thermoplastic compositions of high unsaturation diene rubber and polyolefin resin. Monsanto Company, Larry R Swaney, August 1, 1978: US04104210 (132 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastic elastomeric compositions, comprising blends of high unsaturation diene rubber and thermoplastic olefin resin in which the rubber is cured, exhibit superior physical properties including improved toughness.

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This invention relates to a method of dehydrocyclizing aliphatic hydrocarbons to form corresponding aromatic hydrocarbons. According to the invention, a batch of aliphatic hydrocarbons, in the presence of hydrogen at a temperature of 430.degree. to 550.degree. C is passed over a catalyst consisting ...

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A telescoping torque transmitting shaft has an outer shaft element non-rotatably and slidably mounted upon an inner shaft element and both shaft elements have conforming cross-sections. A tubular shaft is concentrically arranged about the outer shaft element and the opposing surfaces of the tubular ...

George J Malecki: Processing of green vegetables for color retention in canning. Kenway & Jenney, August 1, 1978: US04104410 (113 worldwide citation)

A process for treating peas or other green vegetables such that they may be canned in a manner to retain their green color. The process is characterized by the steps of maintaining the vegetable in a fresh state and in an aerobic environment such that it does not wilt and continues to respire aerobi ...

In Bae Yoon: Multiple occlusion ring applicator and method. Finnegan Henderson Farabow & Garrett, August 1, 1978: US04103680 (112 worldwide citation)

A multiple ring applicator device and method for applying elastic occluding rings to an anatomical tubular structure which comprises a laparoscope which contains a ring applicator device integral therewith, the ring applicator device and the laparoscope cooperating to effect the application of multi ...