Richard A Anderson, Robert C Sokolowski, Kurt W Ostermeier: Nonwoven fabric and method of producing same. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, July 11, 1978: US04100324 (968 worldwide citation)

A nonwoven fabric-like material having a unique combination of strength, absorbency and hand consists essentially of an air-formed matrix of thermoplastic polymer microfibers having an average fiber diameter of less than about 10 microns, and a multiplicity of individualized wood pulp fibers dispose ...

Jean Pompei, Francis Pierrot: Polarographic cell. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Norman N Spain, July 11, 1978: US04100048 (263 worldwide citation)

A polarographic cell for measuring partial pressure of oxygen in a fluid in which the detector electrode and the reference electrode are immersed in an electrolyte at least partially absorbed in a rigid insulating material.

Ruel Carlton Terry: Generating medium BTU gas from coal in situ. In Situ Technology, July 11, 1978: US04099567 (231 worldwide citation)

Medium BTU gas is generated from coal in situ by establishing communication channels through the coal in part by projectiles and in part by burning. Oxygen is employed for reaction with the coal and reaction temperatures are controlled by injection of steam.

Dale F Rodesch, George E Johnson: Electronic slot machine. Centronics Data Computer, Louis Weinstein, July 11, 1978: US04099722 (207 worldwide citation)

An electronic slot machine employing solid state circuitry of modular design, simplifying maintenance to the tasks of module replacement, changing lamps and possibly clearing a coin jam. A coin detector creates a jam condition upon any malfunction during coin insertion. A high frequency clock drives ...

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An optical notch filter having a suspension of small absorbing particles which blocks a narrow band of frequencies. The small absorbent particles are suspended as a colloidal system which can have either a solid, liquid or gas as host material. The absorbing particles can be incorporated in a solid ...

Michael J Micklus, David T Ou Yang: Coated substrate having a low coefficient of friction hydrophilic coating and a method of making the same. Biosearch Medical Products, Smith Harding Earley & Follmer, July 11, 1978: US04100309 (188 worldwide citation)

A substrate is coated with a polyvinylpyrollidone-polyurethane interpolymer. In the method, a polyisocyanate and a polyurethane in a solvent such as methyl ethyl ketone are applied to a substrate and the solvent evaporated. If the substrate is a polyurethane, only the polyisocyanate need be employed ...

James Loton Flanagan: Packet transmission of speech. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Robert O Nimtz, July 11, 1978: US04100377 (180 worldwide citation)

A multiplex transmission system is disclosed in which speech activity is detected as a sequence of talkspurts and intervening silent intervals. The speech information is encoded and accumulated in a buffer store by omitting the silent intervals. A time stamp is associated with each talkspurt code bu ...

Fred E Warren: Diagnostic device. Kolisch Hartwell Dickinson & Stuart, July 11, 1978: US04099519 (180 worldwide citation)

Diagnostic and/or therapeutic tool with spaced electrode probe assemblies and piezoelectric element generating electric pulse.

Pieter Compaan: Interlocking panel sections. Intercontinental Truck Body Montana, Shlesinger Arkwright Garvey & Dinsmore, July 11, 1978: US04099358 (159 worldwide citation)

This disclosure is directed to an interlocking construction panel, which when interlocked with an identical panel, will present a smooth flat surface on one side, with a plurality of longitudinal integral channels projecting from the opposite side. The panel comprises: a planar wall of elongate rect ...

Orv Nergard: Drinking receptacle cover and valve assembly. Dart, Kenneth J Hovet, July 11, 1978: US04099642 (132 worldwide citation)

A cup shaped cover and valve assembly is provided for a drinking receptacle to close off the open top of the receptacle to prevent spilling or splashing of either hot or cold beverages in the receptacle. The cover includes a plate surrounded by a rim, the plate being slightly tilted in the rim so th ...