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Synthesis gas is contacted with an intimate mixture of a carbon monoxide hydrogen reduction catalyst, comprising a methanol synthesis catalyst in combination with a selective class of acidic crystalline aluminosilicate having a silica/alumina ratio greater than 12, a pore dimension greater than abou ...

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This invention provides a tetrafluoroethylene polymer in a porous form which has an amorphous content exceeding about 5% and which has a micro-structure characterized by nodes interconnected by fibrils. The material has high porosity and high strength. It can be used to produce all kinds of shaped a ...

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A thermoelectric voltage generator utilizing heat from a vehicle exhaust to rovide a differential temperature through a plurality of thermoelectric elements comprised of serially connected alternate N- and P-type semiconductors having alternate electrical contacts between adjacent elements at a hot ...

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A television receiver equipped for the display of data transmitted during the line flyback period and also for the display of data transmitted over the telephone via a modem is provided with circuitry for detecting the absence of the normal television synchronizing signals and for providing internal ...

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An improved pipe section for use in a telemetering drill string in which each pipe section contains an insulated electrical conductor extending between insulated electrical connectors in the pipe joints. The improvement comprises encasing the conductor and insulating material in a fluid-tight metal ...

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Compositions comprising a blend of poly(alkylene terephthalates) and an impact modifier which is a multi-phase composite interpolymer comprising a crosslinked acrylic first stage which also contains graftlinking monomer and a final rigid thermoplastic phase. Also claimed is the process for improving ...

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A flexible connector is disclosed for electrically and mechanically connecting the ends of diverging light tracks, the connector being characterized by its ability to be deformed or bent in any of a series of directions normal to the axis thereof and to maintain itself in said bent or deformed condi ...

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A system for resolving conflicts among processors for access to a memory to which the processors are connected by a first bus includes a number of logic circuits, one for each processor. Each logic circuit receives a number of inputs to determine when access to the memory can be had for its processo ...

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An amusement or game device of the type wherein a plurality of symbol displaying devices are provided each comprising a respective series of symbols or indicia which are brought into display position repetitively in serial order following commencement of an operating or playing period. The finally d ...

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Thermally stable, rigid dibasic acids of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is arylene or substituted arylene, are used to prepare thermally stable, rigid polyesters of the formula ##STR2## WHERE R.sup.2 is arylene or substituted arylene, and n is at least 10.