Ruel C Terry: Producing methane from coal in situ. In Situ Technology, May 16, 1978: US04089374 (278 worldwide citation)

A well is drilled from the surface of the earth into an underground coal formation. The coal seam is fractured by fluids injected under pressure. Methane entrained in the cracks and fissures is removed to surface facilities. Coal seam in the vicinity of well bore is partially dewatered. Diameter of ...

Ruel C Terry: Methods of fluidized production of coal in situ. In Situ Technology, May 16, 1978: US04089372 (229 worldwide citation)

A method of producing combustible gases, synthetic crude oils, coal chemicals and heat from coal in situ utilizes the combined teachings of in situ gasification, liquefaction and pyrolysis.

Akira Nagami: Timing signal generator circuit. Nippon Electric, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Lieberman, May 16, 1978: US04090096 (189 worldwide citation)

A timing signal generator includes a field-effect transistor having a drain supplied with a command signal and a source connected to an output node. The gate of the transistor is connected to a circuit node which is precharged to a voltage to render the transistor conductive prior to the activation ...

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Contrast and color levels in a color television receiver are automatically varied with ambient light variations by an RC circuit AC coupling an ambient light responsive device to a luminance signal channel and DC coupling the ambient light responsive device to a DC potential source and a chrominance ...

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Synthetic liposomes, for example containing a biologically active substance, are prepared by dispersing a first aqueous liquid with the aid of ultrasonic vibration in a water-immiscible carrier liquid less dense than water in the presence of a compound of the formula XY where X is a hydrophilic pola ...

Michael N Ernstoff, William C Hoffman, Richard N Winner: Liquid crystal sequential color display. Hughes Aircraft Company, Walter J Adam, W H MacAllister, May 16, 1978: US04090219 (131 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal field sequential color display is formed by presenting three monochromatic images corresponding to the three primary colors, that is, red, green and blue, consecutively in a repetitive sequence and at a rate greater than the flicker fusion frequency for human vision. Each field cont ...

Merrill J Reynolds, Ralph W Disney: Situ coal combustion heat recovery method. Head Johnson & Chafin, May 16, 1978: US04089373 (108 worldwide citation)

A method for recovery of heat generated by the combustion of coal in situ within coal seams in the earth. Three embodiments are described: one, in which the coal seam crops out and into which can be drilled and inserted a pipe, through the coal seam, to a central point, where it is joined with a ver ...

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Ethylene copolymers derived from about 2 to 98 wt. % ethylene, and one or more C.sub.3 to C.sub.28 alpha olefins, e.g. ethylene-propylene, are solution-grafted under an inert atmosphere and at elevated temperatures with an ethylenically-unsaturated carboxylic acid material in the presence of a high- ...

Jurg Vontobel: Metal arcing ring for high voltage gas-insulated bus. Sprecher & Schuh, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, May 16, 1978: US04090028 (101 worldwide citation)

A metal ring adjacent the support insulator of a gas-insulated bus lines the interior of the outer grounded housing. The ring is formed to define at least a portion of a turn around the central bus so that, in the event of an arc from the central bus to the outer grounded housing, the arc root will ...

Viktor Konstantinovich Kalnberz, Kharald Arnoldovich Yanson, Ivar Valterovich Knets, Jury Zhanovich Saulgozis: Material for making bone endoprosthesis and endoprosthesis made of said material. Steinberg & Blake, May 16, 1978: US04089071 (101 worldwide citation)

A material for making a bone endoprosthesis having a reinforcing base composed of nets which are made of a chemically and biologically inert metal and elastic polymeric material. The entire space confined within the nets is occupied by the binder doped with an antiseptic, the volumetric ratio betwee ...