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A prosthetic joint device is provided with first and second components respectively providing convex and relatively flat articulatory bearing surfaces, and a third component is located between the former components and has two surfaces which are complementary to and engage the convex and flat surfac ...

Roy Alexander Churchward: Golf club. April 25, 1978: US04085934 (238 worldwide citation)

A golf club is disclosed including an impact block located in the head of the club. The impact block includes means for adjusting the weight and balance of the club. The impact block has a plurality of openings. Rod shaped weights are slideably inserted in said openings.

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A remote condition reporting system for use in a home, for example, includes a microprocessor with memory and a firmware program, telephone dialing equipment, a clock and a plurality of inputs to receive utility meter readings and/or the outputs of alarm condition sensors. The system initiates calls ...

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A multiple occlusion ring applicator device and method for applying elastic occluding rings to an anatomical tubular structure which comprises an inner cylinder, an intermediate cylinder and an outer cylinder, said cylinders being slidably disposed with respect to each other, and forceps means slida ...

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A method and apparatus for performing an electrosurgical operative procedure which is particularly useful in sterilizing a human female by cutting and coagulating the fallopian tubes. The procedure includes inserting an active terminal of an electrosurgical apparatus through the abdominal wall, and ...

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An alternator-battery electrical system test apparatus which, in one modification, includes a four stage voltage level sensing system, each stage being operative in response to a particular condition of the electrical system under test. The first stage senses the filtered and unfiltered output of th ...

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An area navigation system including a map display unit for entering navigation information to form or modify a programmed navigational route is disclosed. The map display unit is connected to an area navigation computer to supply a cartographic display of a geographic area relevant to a particular n ...

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Novel tetraalkyl piperidine radical containing polytriazine compounds are produced by reacting a dihalogen-triazine with a bifunctional compound containing amine, alcohol, mercaptan or phenol groups at least one of the bifunctional compounds containing a tetraalkyl piperidine radical. The compounds ...

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Disclosed is a method for recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation. A heated fluid is injected into the formation by means of a perforated conduit which is positioned substantially horizontally through the formation to heat hydrocarbons within the formation. After a suitable heating per ...

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A self-driving and self-locking device for traversing the inner walls of channels enclosed on all sides, or for traversing the outer casing of structures with a substantially constant cross-section over their lengths, and for affixing itself thereon, which includes a frame, propulsive elements dispo ...