Lee Minus Parson
Lee Minus Parson, Eugene R DU Fresne: Magnesium containing protective coating for ferrous metal. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, April 11, 1978: US04083726 (3 worldwide citation)

A coating for protecting steel from corrosion is a mixture of an organic solvent and binder, powdered magnesium, and a passivating agent which has a pH greater than about 8 when in contact with water. Steel covered with the coating is cut or welded by the application of heat sufficient to melt the m ...

Anthony J Capozzi, Vincent A Cordi, Bruce A Edson: System for facilitating the copying back of data in disc and tape units of a memory hierarchial system. International Business Machines Corporation, James E Murray, April 11, 1978: US04084231 (224 worldwide citation)

This is a multi level or hierarchial memory system for a multi processing system in which two or more processing units access the memory system. This memory system has two types of memory units on each level with the exception of the lowest level. One of the types of units is called the data store a ...

Manfred Sinnreich: Surgical instruments. Charles E Temko, April 11, 1978: US04083369 (175 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to surgical instruments having particular application to the field of gynecology. The disclosure includes an inflatable packing and continuous suction device suitable for use following hysterectomy procedures to assist in normal draining while maintaining the bowel in properly ...

Gordon W Calundann, Herbert L Davis, Frederick J Gorman, Robert M Mininni: Melt processable thermotropic wholly aromatic polyester. Celanese Corporation, April 11, 1978: US04083829 (161 worldwide citation)

A wholly aromatic polyester is provided which has been found to be highly amenable to melt extrusion to yield high performance fibers. Such fibers following thermal treatment exhibit high tenacity and tensile modulus properties which are well retained at elevated temperatures while exhibiting a low ...

Jack R Bohn, Durk J Pearson: Thermomechanical fracture for recovery system in oil shale deposits. TRW, John J Connors, Benjamin DeWitt, Donald R Nyhagen, April 11, 1978: US04083604 (147 worldwide citation)

In a process for the recovery of resources from underground geological structures, the process is improved by fracturing the walls of the underground structure and large boulders or rocks by inducing thermal gradients in the deposits. Determination of the thermal gradients which will produce the des ...

Gerald Benedikt: New oral form of medicament and a method for producing it. Byk Gulden Lomberg Chemische Fabrik, Berman Aisenberg & Platt, April 11, 1978: US04083949 (125 worldwide citation)

An oral form of medicament releases active substance in the gastrointestinal tract at a constant rate.

Patrick Dufond, Jean Claude Cassonnet, Jean Louis Bogaert, Philippe Hubert DE Rivet, John J Bradley, Benjamin S Franklin: Process management structures and hardware/firmware control. Compagnie Honeywell Bull, Nicholas Prasinos, Ronald T Reiling, April 11, 1978: US04084228 (113 worldwide citation)

A system and method for computer process dispatching in a multiprogramming/multiprocessing environment is disclosed. Each process in the multiprogramming/multiprocessing computer system may be in one of four states at any given time as follows:

John D Taylor: Bloat relief tube and holder. Robert K Rhea, April 11, 1978: US04083370 (111 worldwide citation)

An elongated plunger is slidably connected at one end with one end of a sleeve for telescoping movement into the sleeve. The other end portion of the sleeve releasably supports a cannula to be inserted at one end through the skin and stomach wall of a bloated animal. Flexible wing members on the poi ...

John J Osborn: Variable orifice gas flow sensing head. Research Development Corporation, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, April 11, 1978: US04083245 (97 worldwide citation)

A gas flow meter employing means for obtaining a differential pressure across a resistance orifice in a line of gas flow. Although flow through the orifice may be turbulent thus making the differential pressure non linear with respect to the amount of flow, the effect of that turbulence is offset by ...

Thomas J Griffin Jr, Larry K Moran: Spacer composition and method of use. The Dow Chemical Company, Glenn H Korfhage, April 11, 1978: US04083407 (87 worldwide citation)

A composition comprising water, a water soluble alkali metal silicate, and a water soluble metal compound capable of releasing a multivalent metal cation to react with the soluble silicate to form a pumpable gel is employed as a spacer for displacing a drilling mud from a borehole, particularly imme ...