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A system is disclosed for controlling the charging of a rechargeable battery in an implanted human tissue stimulator by means of an external power source. Included in the stimulator are battery protection devices designed to sense the state of charge of the battery and limit the charging currrent am ...

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An electrode structure for use with medical electronics instruments such as electromyographs is described. A thin, flexible body of non-conductive material has one or more wells therein. A flexible conductive member which provides an electrode is disposed at the bottom of each well. The spacing betw ...

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A prosthetic knee joint comprising cooperating femoral and tibial components that allow controlled rotational movement during extension and flexion, simulating the anatomical movement characteristics of the natural knee joint.

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A vehicle location system having a plurality of stationary wayside stations positioned at predetermined geographical locations. The passage of a vehicle near a station references the location of the vehicle at that point in time and automatically supplies the remote headquarters with updated informa ...

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A locking device for a tubing connection used in intravenous feeding. The invention comprises a body with a channel therein adapted to receive a tubing connection. The body is resiliently compressible transverse to the channel. To secure the locking device against a tubing connection, the body is co ...

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A method of cooling selected surface areas of living tissues includes the steps of covering a resilient mass of porous material with a deformable liquid cryogen impervious membrane, conforming the membrane-covered mass to a configuration which corresponds to the size and shape of surface areas to be ...

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The present invention is directed to a light track device of the type which mechanically and electrically supports fixtures such as spotlights or the like at any selected position along the length thereof, the device being characterized by an improved attachment module facilitating the formation of ...

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Retroreflective sheeting is taught which incorporates markings that are distinctly visible when the sheeting is viewed at an angle under retroreflective viewing conditions, thereby allowing a viewer to determine the identity of the sheeting. The sheeting comprises a monolayer of microsphere-lenses; ...

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A method and apparatus for shaping the edges and planing a surface of elongate boards in a single integrated operation so that the sides and ends thereof are interlockingly matched with complementary shapes. A leading end of each board is moved laterally past a first edge cutting head which cuts a f ...

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In a high voltage bushing having a hollow tubular bore contact engageable with the probe of a high voltage cable terminator, a nose shield for reducing corona around the probe on close-in of the terminator with the bushing, the nose shield being formed of a conductive cylinder which is embedded with ...