Robert B Gorham: Magnetic bond storm window. Gorhams, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, March 21, 1978: US04079558 (148 worldwide citation)

A storm window structure in which the face of a building structure and the edges of the associated storm window sashes are provided with members which interact magnetically to hold the sashes in position against the casing. One member is permanently magnetic and the other is ferromagnetic. Preferabl ...

Howard A Whitehead: Die-cut contoured catamenial napkin of multi-layered construction. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Daniel J Hanlon Jr, William D Herrick, Raymond J Miller, March 21, 1978: US04079739 (144 worldwide citation)

A die-cut, contoured, catamenial napkin of joined-together layers of sheet material assembled into a sandwich which combines a thin, soft, flexible peripheral portion for comfort with a thick central portion for increased fluid-holding capacity. The uppermost layer is a thin batt of intermingled fib ...

Donald J Toman: Scanning beam radio navigation method and apparatus. Tull Aviation Corporation, Curtis Ailes, March 21, 1978: US04080600 (141 worldwide citation)

High accuracy guidance signals are produced over a wide angle by sequencing in a predetermined sequence through a series of narrow angular sectors while electrically scanning the transmitted signals within each sector.

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An assembly line method for fabricating hermetically sealed integrated circuit chips with externally extending terminal leads comprising the steps of securing at least one integrated circuit chip upon a spider assembly; stamping a strip of iterative lead frame assemblies from a strip of flat stock m ...

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An input/output system couples to a host processor through a system interface unit and includes at least two input/output processing units and a memory unit. The system interface unit includes interrupt processing logic circuits for each input/output processing unit for processing interrupt requests ...

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A prosthetic device which includes a frame for mounting a gluteraldehyde-fixed porcine aortic valve and includes a sewing ring which surrounds the frame. The frame is provided with a proximal end and a distal end which extends beyond the ring, and the entire unit is covered with medical grade fabric ...

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Needle restraining apparatus is provided which serves to prevent a stylet needle of a venipuncture device which fits telescopically within a catheter of the venipuncture device from longitudinally moving with respect to the catheter during venipuncture. In one embodiment, the needle restraining appa ...

Norman B Rainer, Theodore E Majewski: Process for the manufacture of synthetic smoking materials. Philip Morris Incorporated, March 21, 1978: US04079742 (99 worldwide citation)

An improved process is provided for the manufacture of synthetic smoking materials. The process comprises the steps of:

William Junior Howell: Balanced mixer using complementary devices. Motorola, Maurice J Jones Jr, March 21, 1978: US04080573 (99 worldwide citation)

Frequency changing circuits are disclosed which each include an unbalanced input circuit, complementary mixing devices and a balanced output circuit. The mixer input signals are cancelled in the balanced output circuit. Moreover, whatever mixer out-of-phase output signals that are undesirably fed ba ...

Steward Charles Watson: Roadway joint-sealing apparatus. Watson Bowman Associates, Ashlan F Harlan Jr, March 21, 1978: US04080086 (94 worldwide citation)

Sealing apparatus for joints in roadways which comprises elongated anchor pads secured by studs and nuts to the surfaces of concrete slabs on opposite sides of a gap therebetween and a flexible, resilient, elongated, sealing member extending between and integral with said pads, said pads preferably ...