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Identification of a program being transmitted is encoded digitally on a sub-carrier modulated on the sound carrier of a television signal with each elementary code group occupying a television field interval, the information being transmitted in cycles of several television fields. The sub-carrier f ...

William D Emmons, Travis E Stevens: Polyurethane thickeners in latex compositions. Rohm and Haas Company, Patrick C Baker, March 14, 1978: US04079028 (166 worldwide citation)

Latex and other aqueous systems are thickened by incorporation of a low molecular weight polyurethane characterized by at least three hydrophobic groups interconnected by hydrophilic polyether groups. The thickeners are nonionic, hydrolytically stable and are resistant to biodegradation.

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A charge pattern of a single polarity and having at least three different levels of potential is developed in two colors by utilizing relatively negatively charged toner particles of one color and relatively positively charged toner particles of a second color.

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The present invention relates to the use of 4-aza-1-azoniabicyclo(2.2.2)octane salts as charge control agents for an electrostatic toner contained in dry electrographic developer compositions. These charge control agents preferably have the formula ##STR1## wherein R is an aliphatic organic group ha ...

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A real time conversational verbal interactive toy apparatus capable of providing a conversational type playback response to an interrogatory message from a removably insertable magnetic storage medium which comprises a plurality of coextensive multipurpose audio tracks contained in a housing include ...

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The following specification describes a connector assembly employing a capacitor assembly having axially spaced radially extending capacitor plates carried by a ceramic or dielectric member. One plurality of plates are connected in common to the connector shell and other radially extending axially s ...

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An electronic programmable clock timer permits a program of times to be set so that certain electrical functions either AC or DC, can be operated responsive to the times set. A high and low range temperature selector can be set to turn ON or OFF thus operating certain electrical functions such as he ...

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Poly(orthoester carbonates) and poly(orthocarbonate carbonates) having a repeating linear carbonate unit and a recurring symmetrical dioxycarbon moiety with a plurality of organic groups pendant from the carbon atom thereof are disclosed. The polymers are represented by the structural formula: ##STR ...

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Disclosured is a straightening and supporting device for the spinal column in the surgical treatment of scoliotic diseases, a device which is removed after the spinal column has healed. The device comprises a rod-shaped supporting member at least the length of the spinal column area to be treated an ...

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Improved enteric coated digestive enzyme-containing compositions which are capable of withstanding hours of exposure to gastric fluids while protecting the biological activity of the enzymes and thereafter releasing the digestive enzymes in their biologically active state within 5 to 30 minutes afte ...