System for underground distribution of electrical power and electrical cable construction for use therein. Reynolds Metals Co, March 8, 1978: GB1502938-A (37 worldwide citation)

1502938 Power cable REYNOLDS METALS CO 24 May 1976 [22 May 1975] 21442/76 Heading H1A An underground electrical power cable comprises a central conductor 34, insulation 35, a neutral conductor, e.g. consisting of wires 37 and a sacrificial anode 36 supported by and extending along the full length of ...

Needle for hemodialysis. Beelen R, March 8, 1978: GB1503469-A (31 worldwide citation)

1503469 Haemodialysis needle or catheter R BEELEN 1 Oct 1976 [6 Oct 1975 22 Sept 1976] 40839/76 Heading A5R A needle for removing and returning blood during dialysis includes a wall 2 that divides the interior of the needle into two, separate, longitudinally extending passages 3, 4 for the whole of ...

Diffusion of gas in a liquid by bubble shearing. FMC, March 8, 1978: GB1503163-A (28 worldwide citation)

1503163 Dispersion of gas in a liquid FMC CORP 11 Feb 1975 [11 Feb 1974] 5779/75 Heading BIC An apparatus for dispersing a gas in a liquid comprises a slot 40, Fig. 4A, through which the liquid flows, which is partly defined by a gas transmitting body 42 having a plurality of gas transmitting passag ...

Metal ceramic structure. Rolls-Royce, March 8, 1978: GB1503394-A (26 worldwide citation)

1503394 Jet engines ROLLS-ROYCE (1971) Ltd 1 July 1976 [4 July 1975] 28203/75 Heading F1J A ceramic exhaust cone 18 is supported within the exhaust nozzle 17 of a jet engine by an annular metallic member 19a which is concentric with the low-pressure shaft 19 of the engine and which had splines 20 ab ...

1,5-alkylene-3-aryl hydantoin derivatives. Mitsubishi Chem, March 8, 1978: GB1503244-A (24 worldwide citation)

The active ingredient has the formula (I) given in claim 1, in which the symbols have the meaning given in this claim. These compounds are prepared by cyclizing an N-(N'-substituted carbamoyl)iminoacid of the general formula I or by reacting an imino acid ester of the general formula with an aryl is ...

Shock absorbing means. Bothwell P, March 8, 1978: GB1503483-A (20 worldwide citation)

1503483 Shock-absorbing garments P W BOTHWELL 10 Feb 1975 [8 Nov 1973 13 Nov 1973] 51778/73 and 49071/74 Heading A3V [Also in Division F2] A helmet, neck or torso-covering shock-absorbing garment includes a series of fluid filled chambers interconnected by flow restrictors (see Division F2) so that ...

Rotor of a turbomachine. Europ Turb Vapeur, March 8, 1978: GB1503453-A (11 worldwide citation)

1503453 Rotor blade shrouding GROUPE EUROPEEN POUR LA TECHNIQUE DES TURBINES A VAPEUR GETT SA 15 Oct 1976 [28 Oct 1975] 42887/76 Heading FIT The blades 1 of a turbine or compressor rotor have interlocking tip shrouds 3a, b &c., at least alternate shrouds having circumferential bores 5 containing dow ...

Hoisting gear for raising and lowering disabled persons. Wessex Medical Equipment Co, March 8, 1978: GB1502921-A (11 worldwide citation)

1502921 Elevators WESSEX MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO 6 April 1976 [14 May 1975] 20409/75 Heading B8L An elevator for vertically moving disabled persons between different floor levels of a building comprises a seat structure 3 movable along a vertical trackway 2 by a rope and winch arrangement and at least ...

Brick-layers wall ties. Heskin, March 8, 1978: GB1502944-A (11 worldwide citation)

1502944 Wall ties C HESKIN (BUILDERS) Ltd 11 April 1975 [11 April 1974] 16101/74 Heading E1B A wall tie comprises two substantially flat ends 15 hinged together at 12. The ends may be expanded metal (as shown) or wire loops or conventional forked ends.

Injection moulding of decorated plastics articles. Dialene International, March 8, 1978: GB1503039-A (10 worldwide citation)

1503039 Bowls DIALENE INTERNATIONAL Ltd 20 Dec 1976 [19 Dec 1975] 52040/75 Heading A4A [Also in Division B5] A decorated hollow plastics article 22 such as a bowl comprises two injection moulded parts (see Division B5), one part forming a liner 23 inside the other part and decorations 25 on the outs ...