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An osmotic device for delivering an active agent is disclosed. The device is comprised of a wall surrounding a compartment and has a passageway through the wall for releasing the agent. The wall is formed of a multiplicity of materials comprising a material permeable to an external fluid and substan ...

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Breathing equipment, for instance a resuscitator, adapted to supply ambient air or alternatively oxygen from a pressurized source, the equipment including non-rebreathing valve mechanism having inspiration and expiration ports, and arranged to assure automatic operation to effect oxygen "blow-by" un ...

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A pellet implanter for the subcutaneous implantation of one or more spherical or cylindrical pellets of a total size of up to about 1/8 inch by 1 inch (3 mm .times. 25 mm) through a hypodermic needle uses a transparent compact flat cartridge having parallel feed chambers permitting visual observatio ...

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Apparatus for feeding liquids, particularly medications such as insulin, or the like, to humans or animals comprising a supply reservoir for the liquid, a conveying arrangement connected to the supply reservoir and including a pressure generating device for feeding the liquid by pressure application ...

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Many petroleum formations contain water having high salinity and/or high concentrations of divalent ions such as calcium or magnesium dissolved therein, and are additionally at temperature from about 70.degree. F. to about 300.degree. F. Most surfactants suitable for use in oil recovery operations a ...

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A trans-abdominal stomach catheter placement system involving an external nasogastric intubation device with a mobile distal end embracing magnetic determination of the device adjacent the abdominal wall and displacement of internal organs thereat to facilitate stomach perforation, of a catheter of ...

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A calculator system having a transparent keyboard includes an apparatus for electronically labeling the keyboard by displaying alphanumeric symbols through the keyboard. The apparatus comprises a keyboard selection device and a liquid crystal keyboard display device having a predetermined number of ...

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A low noise mixer apparatus for mixing the turbine exhaust effluent of a turbofan gas turbine engine with a portion of the air flowing from the engine fan stage prior to discharge from the engine is disclosed. The mixer is of the daisy variety, having a tubular mixer section that includes a number o ...

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Hydrogen-containing gas mixtures are subjected to selective adsorption in a pressure swing cyclic system to remove carbon dioxide and/or hydrocarbon gases, obtaining high recovery of hydrogen at high purity. The system can also be employed for separation of methane from admixture with CO.sub.2.

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An isolating and blood pressure transmitting apparatus for use in an extracorporeal blood treatment system or the like comprises a generally cylindrical, transparent plastic chamber with a housing having axially opposing inlet and outlet portions. The inlet portion is connected to a blood pumping an ...