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Interpolymers composed of ethylene and higher olefinic hydrocarbons having 5 to 18 carbon atoms per molecule. Said interpolymers being useful as molding, pipes and wire cotaings.

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A highly water-absorbent resin is produced by polymerizing (A) starch or cellulose, (B) at least one monomer having a polymerizable double bond which is water-soluble or becomes water-soluble by hydrolysis and (C) a crosslinking agent, and subjecting, if necessary, the resulting product to hydrolysi ...

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Method of producing porous synthetic plastic compositions by blending into a polymer at least about 45 volume percent of a plastic-insoluble, water soluble particulate material and a liquid at processing temperatures, capable of forming channels between the solid particles. The blend is then formed ...

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An electrolytic cell for measuring the concentration of a species such as oxygen is constructed by depositing closely spaced interleaved inert electrode surfaces on the surface of an insulating substrate and covering the electrode surfaces with a thin film of electrolyte and permeable membrane. The ...

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A new crystalline zeolite, designated ZSM-23, a method of making same and the use thereof in catalytic conversion of organic compounds is the subject of this application. The new zeolite has a composition, in the anhydrous state, expressed in terms of mole ratios of oxides, as follows;

Clarence D Chang, Anthony J Silvestri: Process for the manufacture of gasoline. Mobil Oil Corporation, Charles A Huggett, Michael G Gilman, February 28, 1978: US04076761 (246 worldwide citation)

Synthesis gas comprising a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen is derived from fossil fuels and catalytically converted in a first reaction zone to a mixture of methanol and dimethyl ether which in turn is converted in a separate reaction zone in contact with a crystalline aluminosilicate zeolit ...

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A laminar flow connector for conduits including a first element having a portion for receiving a first conduit and a hollow tapered member having one end in open communication with the end of the first conduit and continuously tapering away from the first conduit toward its other end, a second eleme ...

Yoshiaki Ichimura: Contact driver. Japan Aviation Electronics, Hammond & Littell, February 28, 1978: US04076362 (144 worldwide citation)

Discloses novel contact drivers in electric connectors. The electric connectors respectively provided with a series of contacts each of which has a movable end. Pin conductors are inserted into positions in which the pin conductors remain out of contact with the contacts. By operating a slider which ...

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An edible, water-soluble, thermoplastic molding composition comprising a starch material, a neutral inorganic alkali salt of protein material, water, an edible plasticizer, an edible lubricant, and other additives. This composition shows excellent moldability and processability when subjected to var ...

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An electrosurgical forceps comprising two blades which are electrically connected to an electrosurgical frequency generator so that electrosurgical radio frequencies can be transmitted from the generator to the blades. The blades are separated by a spacer member formed with a middle section defining ...