Charles F Morrison Jr: Electrosurgical instrument. Valleylab, Gerald J Ferguson Jr, Joseph J Baker, February 21, 1978: US04074718 (546 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical instrument comprising a support member; at least one electrode mounted on the support, the electrode consisting essentially of a material having a figure of merit of at least 0.15 at room temperature where the figure of merit is the product of the thermal conductivity, the heat ca ...

Howard A Baldwin, Steven W Depp, Alfred R Koelle, Robert W Freyman: Interrogation, and detection system. The United States of America represented by the United States Department of Energy, Dean E Carlson, Jerome B Rockwood, February 21, 1978: US04075632 (445 worldwide citation)

The specification relates to a telemetering apparatus comprising a generator which generates at least a single frequency rf signal, a transponder for receiving that signal and for amplitude modulating it in accordance with information selected for transmission, an antenna on the transponder for refl ...

Konrad H Marcus: Visor and mirror assembly. Prince Corporation, Fisher Gerhardt & Groh, February 21, 1978: US04075468 (174 worldwide citation)

A visor and vanity mirror assembly in which the vanity mirror is illuminated through electrical circuitry mounted on the back side of the mirror.

John Stephen Davis, Kenneth Norman Larson, Frank William Phalen: Communication control unit. Bunker Ramo Corporation, F M Arbuckle, A Freilich, February 21, 1978: US04075691 (167 worldwide citation)

A communication control unit useful for operably coupling a plurality of peripheral devices to a data processing system including a central processing unit (CPU) and a main system memory. The communication control unit is comprised of three major sections: (1) A direct memory access module (DMA) for ...

Kurt Semm: Method of and device for causing blood coagulation. Saul Jecies, February 21, 1978: US04074719 (146 worldwide citation)

A method and a device for causing blood coagulation are disclosed. Both are especially well suited for use in endoscopy. A support is provided with an end portion on which an electrically operated thermo-element is located which receives electrical current to be heated to a level at which it has a c ...

Raymond Joseph Schaper: Functional ionene compositions and their use. Calgon Corporation, Rudolph J Anderson Jr, Mario A Monaco, Martin L Katz, February 21, 1978: US04075136 (125 worldwide citation)

Novel functional ionene polymer compositions have been prepared which have been found to be useful in a wide variety of applications, including, among others, as wet and dry strength additives, corrosion inhibitors, and electroconductive coatings, and which comprise recurring units of the formula: # ...

Irving Horowitz: Pay television system with synchronization suppression. Teleglobe Pay TV System, Marianne Rich, February 21, 1978: US04075660 (107 worldwide citation)

Reference pulses of opposite polarity to the horizontal sync pulses are added to the composite television signal just preceeding each horizontal sync pulse. The video portion of the signal is inverted for randomly selected fields. Coding bursts are added to the composite signal to indicate whether s ...

Claude T Copeland, Vernon G Constien: Method for forming a consolidated gravel pack. The Dow Chemical Company, G H Korfhage, February 21, 1978: US04074760 (102 worldwide citation)

An aqueous based slurry is disclosed containing an aqueous carrier fluid, an epoxy resin, a curing agent for the resin, a solvent for said resin and curing agent, a finely divided particulate material, a particular quaternary ammonium halide, and a coupling agent to promote bonding of the resin to t ...

Richard A Oman, Kenneth M Foreman: Variable stator, diffuser augmented wind turbine electrical generation system. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Richard G Geib, Mellor A Gill, February 21, 1978: US04075500 (99 worldwide citation)

A wind powered electrical generating system having a suitable shaped aerodynamic duct or shroud within which a wind turbine having a fixed pitch blade is mounted, as by means of a stator means at the inlet of the duct or shroud with the stator means including mechanism for varying their effective an ...

Richard A Schneider, Gerald L Freed, Richard Lipnick: Power monitoring and load shedding system. Lockheed Electronics Co, February 21, 1978: US04075699 (91 worldwide citation)

An electrical power controlling/load shedding system includes power consumption metering and meter interfacing circuitry for entering overall power consumption into a central processing unit. The CPU memory includes a data storage table characterizing each system electrical load under each of a hier ...

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