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An electrical package for Large Scale Integrated (LSI) devices includes a carrier having (a) thermal expansion similar to a semiconductor, (b) a standard array of terminal pins (100 or more) and (c) a circuit transposer that is (i) a semiconductor material, typically silicon and (ii) readily persona ...

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A laminated membrane for use with an enzyme electrode without the need for use of a compensating electrode. The laminated membrane comprises a layer of essentially homogeneous material such as cellulose acetate or silicone rubber which will prevent passage of even low molecular weight interfering ma ...

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A conventional lens system projects an image on a planar array of light sensitive elements of a charge coupled device from which digital signals containing the picture information are produced and stored for reproduction by a mechanical printer.

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Large crystals of a silica polymorph having a characteristic X-ray diffraction pattern, a specific gravity of 1.70 .+-. 0.05 g/cc. and a mean refractive index of 1.39 .+-. 0.01 after calcination in air at 600.degree. C., are prepared by a hydrothermal process in which fluoride anions are included in ...

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An interchangeable head system for an ink jet printer of the asynchronous, volume displacement droplet ejection type in which the print head is mounted on the print head carriage in a manner such that it may be readily detached and replaced with another head; the print head mounting allowing for adj ...

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An apparatus for reproducing multiplex video data which records data for symbols multiplexed with the main video signals in a memory and continuously reads out the data from the memory and multiplexes it with a part of the main video signals for display, including circuitry for controlling the ampli ...

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A Coanda unit has a Coanda surface and a gas supply line terminating in a slot adjacent to the Coanda surface. One side of the slot is contiguous with the Coanda surface and the other side is formed of a tongue of resilient material which flexes within defined limits in response to the pressure of t ...

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According to the method of the invention, the parenteral administration of water-insoluble pharmacologically active agents is enhanced wherein the agents are administered in the lipoid phase of a carrier emulsion comprising a microemulsion of a finely dispersed lipoid in an aqueous phase. The lipoid ...

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Radiation crosslinkable, water-dispersable polyesters and polyesteramides derived from monomer components which include dicarboxylic acids, poly(ethylene glycol), monomer components substituted with a sulfonate metal salt group and .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated acids. A typical polyester is composed of ...

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A composite panel is provided which comprises an organic foam core with layers of inorganic fibers on opposite major surfaces of the core. The fibrous layers are affixed to the core in a manner such that they are functionally integral therewith, thereby providing dimensional stability for the core. ...