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A planetary gearing arrangement having a plurality of interconnected planetary gear sets controlled by friction drive establishing devices such as clutches and brakes for selectively establishing a plurality of forward drive ratios and a reverse drive ratio. The number of forward drive ratios availa ...

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A photopolymerizable composition comprising at least one polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated material, for example, an ethylenically unsaturated monomer, and a photosensitive catalyst comprising

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An improved automated shopping system used within stores of the type utilizing shopping carts having product code scanning means and product weight sensing means located thereon in conjunction with a central computer also located within the store wherein the improvement comprises a first scanner rel ...

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An electrophoretic visual display device using an electrophoretic suspension with pigment particles in a dielectric suspending liquid and a dye for contrasting color, all enclosed in a unit comprising a transparent electrode spaced from at least one segmented electrode by an insulating member; a mes ...

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A system is disclosed for marketing merchandise or services by telephone using brief prerecorded audio demonstrations stored in an audio program repeater and connected to a customer's telephone line by a switching system under control of a data processor in response to a code entered by a customer s ...

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Stimuli are initiated by a master oscillator, whose output is split and applied to two frequency dividers which divide the frequency by different numbers. The two frequencies thus derived are applied to waveshapers to provide a desired waveform such as a half sinewave, and also each signal is furthe ...

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An interactive purchasing system employs a station transmitting signals adapted to be received by a plurality of television receivers at a number of viewing stations via a given television channel. In one application, the signals represent information relating to associated merchandise in various st ...

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A transducer is disclosed in which energy received from either mechanical or acoustic sources is converted into modulated optical power. The transducer is comprised of three basic components, an input optical fiber, an output optical fiber and a means for varying the optical coupling coefficient bet ...

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A plurality of multi-functioning machines are simultaneously controlled by similar transmitter/receiver pairs, one of which is associated with a programmable controller and the other of which is associated with a machine. In the controller terminal, each transmitter of one such pair transmits a seri ...

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A surgical instrument formed by a handpiece assembly and a removable tool assembly. The handpiece assembly includes a housing having integrally interconnected grip and nose portions which are of tubular construction and are positionally related so that the longitudinal direction of the nose portion ...