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An apparatus and method utilizes a plasma arc torch as a heat source for recovering useful fuel products from in situ deposits of coal, tar sands, oil shale, and the like. When applied to a coal deposit, the plasma torch is lowered in a shaft into the deposit and serves as a means for supplying heat ...

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A system for joining and adhering a pair of abutting panels to a rigid substrate and providing a seal against thermal and moisture transfer. The system is comprised of an elongated receptacle member with a base and a pair of spaced vertical elements extending upwardly from the base and forming a cha ...

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A disposable, pre-gel body electrode for short term use has a self-contained electrolyte gel-impregnated pad therein sealed with a cap which minimizes electrolyte dry-out.

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A method of interconnecting microelectronic components with flexible metallic interconnects. A layer of photoresist is applied to the surface of a microelectronic component and then removed from selected locations. A deposit of metal is applied to the selected location. A second layer of photoresist ...

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A wholly aromatic polyester is provided which unlike the aromatic polyesters normally encountered in the prior art is not intractable or difficultly tractable and readily undergoes melt processing with ease. The aromatic polyester of the present invention consists essentially of the recurring units ...

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At the sending end randomly generated binary code number signals are inserted into predetermined lines of the vertical retrace interval. The code number signals are also processed in accordance with a program assignment code to change or leave unchanged a predetermined characteristic of the televisi ...

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System for remotely measuring the air pressure in pneumatic tires. The system includes a stationary power transmitter that generates an electromagnetic field in the roadway with a flat coil antenna. Located in the pneumatic tire is a pressure sensor comprising a pressure transducer and a signal tran ...

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A passive transponder which provides remote identification of objects including cargo and trailers, vehicles or a variety of objects which move through an interrogator beam. The passive transponder is mounted onto the vehicle or object or at the location to be identified. A transmitted beam from the ...

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The effective resolution of a TV presentation reproduced from digitally encoded samples is improved by shifting the sampling points back and forth at a relatively rapid rate. Alternate lines of the original television raster are sampled at shifted points, wherein the shift is less than the sampling ...

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Iron group-boron base amorphous alloys have improved ultimate tensile strength and hardness and do not embrittle when heat treated at temperatures employed in subsequent processing steps, as compared with prior art amorphous alloys. The alloys have the formula