David Emil Carlson: Semiconductor device having a body of amorphous silicon. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, B E Morris, D N Calder, December 20, 1977: US04064521 (184 worldwide citation)

An amorphous silicon material, fabricated by the process of a glow discharge in silane, is utilized as the body of semiconductor devices.

Roger DeSalvo McKenna: Direction control device for endotracheal tube. The Signal Companies, Donald W Canady, December 20, 1977: US04063561 (169 worldwide citation)

An endotracheal intubation device is disclosed for manipulating the lower end of an endotracheal tube into the trachea or windpipe by magnetically displacing the tip of the tube to direct it towards the trachea as the tube is lowered down a patient's throat.

Norman D Bornstein, Donald J D Entremont, Alan S Weinberg, Henry G Schirmer, Joseph Zu Sun: Heat shrinkable multi-layer film of hydrolyzed ethylene vinyl acetate and a cross-linked olefin polymer. W R Grace & Co, John J Toney, William D Lee Jr, John B Hardaway, December 20, 1977: US04064296 (152 worldwide citation)

A heat shrinkable multi-layer packaging film having a layer of a hydrolyzed ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. Preferably, the film is formed by coextruding the hydrolyzed ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer layer between two other polymeric layers, at least one of which is cross-linkable, and thereafte ...

Manfred A Lurbiecki: Concrete block forming and facing machine. Fetherstonhaugh & Company, December 20, 1977: US04063866 (143 worldwide citation)

A machine for manufacturing concrete building blocks faced with a decorative material is provided with a mold having a wall which is removable to expose a face of a freshly cast block. The material is arranged on a horizontal panel alongside the block and this panel is pivoted into a vertical positi ...

James Stevens Sweeney: Blood pulse sensor and readout. Unisen, Thomas J Plante, December 20, 1977: US04063551 (136 worldwide citation)

A highly sensitive electronic blood pulse sensor and readout device is disclosed which is self-powered and can be mounted on the subject's wrist. The sensor portion has a plurality of light emitters which are arranged to emit pulsed infra-red light waves having a wavelength readily absorbed by blood ...

James Damron Howell, Robert William Beck, George Hayden Bruce, John David McLain: Drilling fluid diverter system. Exxon Production Research Company, Salvatore J Casamassima, December 20, 1977: US04063602 (129 worldwide citation)

An improved method and apparatus for offshore drilling is described which is particularly useful for drilling in deep water from a floating surface vessel. Drilling fluid is introduced into a drill string extending from the vessel into a wellbore in the floor of the body of water. In order to mainta ...

Eric Wood: Lining of passageways. Insituform, Louis Orenbuch, December 20, 1977: US04064211 (124 worldwide citation)

A method wherein a tubular liner is applied to the surface of a passageway such as a tunnel or pipeline bore. The liner may be in the form of a flattened tube of absorbent material such as felt or foam such is impregnated with synthetic resin. The liner is anchored at one end of the passageway and i ...

Robert H Nagel: Information retrieval system having selected purpose variable function terminal. Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross, December 20, 1977: US04064490 (120 worldwide citation)

An information retrievel system includes a video display terminal controlled by a local microcomputer which controls the major functions thereof and is connectable in a network with other such video display terminals which function as selected purpose variable function terminals by utilizing the ins ...

Robert Dennis Mitchell: Abrasive compact brazed to a backing. Young & Thompson, December 20, 1977: US04063909 (116 worldwide citation)

An abrasive compact comprising diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive particles or a mixture thereof, present in an amount of at least 50 volume percent, bonded into a hard conglomerate, preferably by means of a bonding matrix, and having a metal layer bonded to at least one surface thereof, is cha ...

David G Wuchinich, Alan Broadwin, Robert P Andersen: Ultrasonic aspirator. Cavitron Corporation, Philip Sperber, December 20, 1977: US04063557 (112 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for the surgical removal of tissue is disclosed comprising a handpiece having a resonant vibrator with a magnetostrictive stack and connecting body encompassing a hollow elongated tool which is ultrasonically vibrated at its tip longitudinally to a peak to peak stroke of at least 0.005 inc ...