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Apparatus is disclosed in a system for drilling holes with a laser beam in a plurality of discrete moving workpieces carried by a support which moves each workpiece sequentially along a predetermined path at a predetermined velocity, the apparatus including means for sequentially tracking along a po ...

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Apparatus for enabling communications between two or more data processing stations comprising a communication cable arranged in branched segments including taps distributed thereover. Tied to each tap is a transceiver which on the other side connects to an associated interface stage. Each transceive ...

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Polymers of unsaturated copolymerizable carboxylic acids, at least one acrylic or methacrylic ester containing an alkyl of 10 to 30 carbon atoms, and another acrylic or methacrylic ester containing an alkyl of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, optionally with a small amount of a cross-linking agent, rapidly abso ...

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A progressive power ophthalmic lens is described on which one refractive surface is formed to provide zones at the top and bottom of the refractive surface having constant dioptric focal powers. The two zones having constant dioptric focal power are of different radii of curvature such that a near v ...

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A thin film polarographic oxygen sensor, in which a number of thin film microcathodes are deposited in holes in a thin film layer of silicon dioxide formed on a silicon substrate. A single thin film anode layer is deposited on the insulating layer and is insulated thereby from the cathodes. Preferab ...

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Sensor-emitter labels or tags containing a two-terminal nonlinear capacitor, e.g., a semiconductor diode, directly connected to antenna means are applied to articles for purpose of surveillance. A transmitter coupled to an antenna establishes an electromagnetic wave field above about 100 MHZ, and pr ...

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A catheter is provided, having a flexible elongated conduit adapted for insertion into a passage in the patient's body. The conduit has a forward insertion end and a rearward distal end, and has a handpiece which surrounds a portion of the conduit in the area of the insertion end. A sealing envelope ...

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A system is disclosed for controlling the plane of a laser beam in either horizontal, vertical or selected grade angle attitudes. The system includes an assembly comprising a housing which carries the operative components in a water-tight enclosure. The laser beam is generated by a laser tube carrie ...

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Granular, built laundry detergent compositions containing particular smectite clay minerals. Compositions containing such clays provide softening and/or antistatic benefits to fabrics washed therein.

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A remote manipulator of the force reflecting servomaster-slave type comprises manipulator elements capable of at least seven distinct motions corresponding to respective degrees of freedom. The manipulator elements include an upper arm journalled in a shoulder assembly and a lower arm operatively co ...