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A novel crystalline silica composition having uniform pore dimensions of approximately 6 Angstrom units is prepared by calcining a crystalline hydrated alkylonium silicate prepared hydrothermally from a reaction mixture containing as essential reagents, water, amorphous silica and a quaternary ammon ...

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A multiplex optical transmission system for simultaneously transmitting and receiving a plurality of signals while minimizing external interference. The system includes a plurality of subgroup mixers wherein video signals, digital data signals, and audio signals are supplied to the respective subgro ...

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This invention concerns pharmaceutically acceptable intramolecularly cross-linked, stromal-free hemoglobin. The intramolecularly cross-linked, stromal-free hemoglobin is useful as a blood substitute for carrying oxygen to tissues and vital organs, as a blood plasma expander, and for supplying oxygen ...

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A binocular endoscope for diagnostic work, medical treatment and surgical procedures providing depth perception in the image of an object viewed. Image transmittal from the viewed object to the viewing station is through a non-distorting, high resolution, optical system utilizing long path length le ...

Malcolm J Conway: Mental image enhancement apparatus utilizing computer systems. December 6, 1977: US04060915 (121 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for enhancing mental images of data in various visual environments utilizes an electronically generated visual display of an environment including datum references to be acted upon by the subject and means which may be manipulated by the subject to electrically record an actio ...

Anthony Cannarella: Toothpaste administering automatic toothbrush. December 6, 1977: US04060870 (115 worldwide citation)

A dental appliance including a curved tubular extension consists of a housing formed with first and second elongated recesses, and first and second pumps secured to the housing for pumping a paste and a fluid directly through the first and second recesses, respectively. A flexible drive shaft is rot ...

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Immobilized biologically active substances comprising microporous, spherical particles in gel form and in the form of a three-dimensional network. These particles contain the biologically active substance entrapped in the meshes of the network. The particles have sizes below 10 .mu.m and the average ...

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Laminated sheet material, having high impact resistance suitable for use in constructional applications requiring high strength and resistance to deformation particularly for military usage such as armor plate, is obtained by sandwiching one or more layers of polyurethane, cellular or non-cellular, ...

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A battery charger receives direct current power from an external source through a power connector. Switch means receives the power from the power connector and supplies it to a boost circuit which is removably and conductively connected to a battery. A control circuit is connected to receive a batte ...

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A contoured shroud exit having means capable of producing low pressure vortices when a fan generated air stream is expelled therefrom.