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A method for joining soft body tissues and a device for practicing the method which includes a retainer strip formed of a material which in time is absorbed by the body and which is provided with a plurality of longitudinally spaced openings and a fastener strip also formed of a material which is si ...

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A multilayer membrane, which is useful as synthetic skin, is disclosed herein. A first layer is formed from a material which does not provoke an immune response and which is also insoluble and nondegradable in the presence of body fluids and/or body enzymes. Preferred materials for the first layer a ...

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An electrosurgical method and apparatus for coagulating by fulguration where the electrical discharge is established through a formation of flowing inert gas where the formation may either be a diffuse blanket of the flowing gas or a well defined column thereof.

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An apparatus and method for automatically monitoring dynamic signals, such as from vibration sensors, in an operating industrial or other plant to identify abnormal events, draw conclusions as to their severity, and indicate action to be taken, utilizing a computer to control the scanning of one or ...

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Method and therapeutic system in the form of a bandage for providing chemotherapy transdermally by administering certain drugs to unbroken skin in an initial priming dose that quickly brings the systemic concentration of drug to a therapeutic level, followed by a substantially constant dosage that h ...

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A control system including a programmable multiple channel digital controller which is operable to generate control signals which are transmitted over electrical power lines of a building complex for enabling receivers associated with functional devices for controlling the operation of functional de ...

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The disclosure provides a novel catalyst support, a method of making said support by treatment of prior art crystalline catalyst supports with hydroxy-aluminum solution and hydrocarbon conversion processes wherein the catalyst used therein includes said support.

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Disclosed is a clasp assembly for gripping a submarine hydraulic hose or the like which is being suspended by a metal cable. The clasp comprises a tubular clasp body including two matching partial tubular clasp elements which are hinged together along one edge. Lock means which are provided to maint ...

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A portable, prefabricated panel adapted to be connected with a plurality of similar panels to form a wall or partition structure. The panel is electrically prewired and includes electrical power blocks disposed adjacent the opposite lower corners of the panel, which power blocks are connected by ele ...

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A digit rate reducing method in the transmission of video-telephone signals, wherein each frame is scanned by means of two consecutive fields comprising each the lines of same parity, each frame dot being represented by a word of n, in particular 3, binary digits comprising transmitting a frame ever ...