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An electrochemical detector has an electrochemical thin-layer flow cell whose operation is based on the so-called wall-jet principle, in combination with a controller unit. The controller unit can apply a periodically changing voltage having a square wave voltage formation to a sensor electrode of t ...

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A surgical instrument for the surgical operation of anterior fenestrated spondylodesis comprising an elongated hollow body with a handle at one end, and a detachable hollow cylindrical cutter with a cutting edge, at the other. Incorporated within the body is a shaft with a knife on the end situated ...

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A solderless prong connector for permanent mounting on the end of a coaxial shielded cable of the type having an inner conductor surrounded by an inner dielectric sleeve in turn surrounded by a tubular braided conductor in turn surrounded by an outer dielectric sleeve. The connector has an electrica ...

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Essentially nonreflective coupling for ultrasonic waves is provided between a fluid medium confined in a rigid container and a biological specimen, such as a human body, through a container closing bellows system which incorporates a thin, flexible closing membrane that contacts and conforms to the ...

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A lamina having a wide head portion foldable about a lateral weakening to be superimposed on a narrow body portion which includes an elongated opening. Adhesive on the wide head portion and the narrow body portion secure the lamina to a common surface.

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A method is disclosed for improving the crystallinity of semiconductor films by scanning the surface of such films with a shaped, focused laser beam. The laser is matched to the film so that the beam delivers sufficient energy thereto to heat the film above a temperature at which crystallization occ ...

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A method and system for accessing data in a time division multiplex communication network at the multiplexed level without disturbing the transmission of the data. A multiplexed data stream containing a predetermined pattern of framing signals and subscriber data from a plurality of subscriber chann ...

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A coin classifying and counting machine has a hopper for collecting mixed coins of several different kinds, a coin delivery device including a revolving disc for scooping up coins from the bottom of the hopper, a delivery passageway for aligning and delivering in orderly sequence the coins thus conv ...

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A disposable shield for garment protection and everyday feminine hygiene including odor control comprising a very thin, lightweight, highly absorbent structure is disclosed. The shield is soft, rattle-free, supple and easily comformable to the body and the garment and can be securely positioned to t ...

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Cross-linked water-swellable polymers are described, having a particle size of less than 4 microns. They are used as thickening agents for aqueous dispersions or solutions, particularly useful where high shear conditions are encountered in the application.