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A method is provided for growing highly oriented compound thin films on a substrate by subjecting the substrate to the vapor of a first single element which can react with the surface at a temperature sufficiently high for the reaction to occur which forms a single atomic layer of the first single e ...

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A packet-switched digital data communication system operable in a store-and-forward mode is provided for enabling substantially simultaneous full-duplex communication between a plurality of telecommunications terminals, facsimile transceivers or other data input sources over a communications network ...

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There is provided a one-way data transmission system wherein a transmitter station transmits in the form of data packs data from a plurality of channels, the said packs being time multiplexed.

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Cationic polymerization of epoxy resin materials, such as epoxy monomers or prepolymers, can be achieved by use of certain radiation sensitive aromatic onium salts of Group VIa elements. Curable compositions are provided which can be used as sealants, coating compounds, encapsulants, etc.

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Cationic polymerization of a variety of organic materials such as vinyl monomers, prepolymers, cyclic ethers, cyclic esters, cyclic sulfides and organosilicon cyclics can be achieved by the use of certain radiation sensitive aromatic onium salts of Group VIa elements. In addition, polymerizable comp ...

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An arrangement for the puncturing of internal body organs, vessels or the like, through the utilization of a puncturing cannula or hollow needle which will well reflect an ultrasound, as well as an ultrasound-echo sectional view apparatus having an ultrasonic applicator with an ultrasound scanning s ...

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In an improved system for medical imaging employing a transducer for transmitting and detecting ultrasonic vibrations, a digital scan converter accepts echo signals detected by the transducer and transducer position signals identifying the point of origin of the signals in a scanning plane transvers ...

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The invention consists of a method and apparatus for article sorting wherein an electronically interrogatable label is provided for and attached to each article, the label bearing indicia indicative of a serial number, instructions relating to the routing of the label bearing those indicia being fed ...

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A method is disclosed whereby the molecules of a chemical substance to be measured, referred to as target molecules, are combined with fluorescent molecules having a relatively long fluorescent decay lifetime. These tagged target molecules are excited with an intense pulse of ultraviolet or visible ...

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In a process for preparing a laminated resin product by melt-laminating (1) a modified polyolefin composition with (2) a polyester, a polyamide or a hydrolyzed copolymer of ethylenevinylacetate, the improvement comprising using as the modified polyolefin a modified polyolefin composition which compr ...