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Apparatus is described for controlling blood glucose concentration in a subject by selected infusion of insulin and/or glucose, depending upon the general blood glucose concentration. This apparatus comprises in combination sensor means for measuring the blood glucose concentration and for providing ...

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An absorbent article comprising, an absorbent pad assembly having an absorbent pad, and pockets for retaining a hydrocolloid material in association with the pad.

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An electrical therapeutic apparatus which comprises an oscillator for selectively generating a low or high frequency, a selector associated with said oscillator to determine a voltage having an intrinsic frequency of specified wave suitable to an affected meridian and a means for applying the select ...

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A package is provided for controlling the atmospheric condition of a packaged product and includes first and second package walls sealed at their peripheries to define a product cavity therebetween. One package wall is formed from a gas impermeable material and the second package wall includes a com ...

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A contact lens has a concave surface which is adapted to contact the cornea of an eye and a convex surface which is adapted to contact the eyelid. At least the convex surface of the lens possesses hydrophilic characteristics although the concave surface of the lens preferably possesses such characte ...

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Apparatus and method are described for using ultrasonic waves for removing microscopic particles from a liquid medium, such as algae from a solar or refuse pond, or blood cells from blood. The described apparatus includes an ultrasonic generator propagating ultrasonic waves of over one megacycle per ...

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A continuously and adjustably inflatable cushion supports the entire body length of a prone, face down, expectant mother, and is shaped to accommodate and conform to the enlarged contours of her body during pregnancy and immediately afterward. An essentially circular opening passes completely throug ...

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A blood collection device includes a tube for receiving a sample of whole blood for centrifugal separation into the lighter phase, plasma or serum, and the heavier cellular phase. The tube has a needle-pierceable stopper at one end for maintaining a negative pressure in the tube. A blood phase parti ...

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Fibrinolytic pharmaceutical compositions are provided in unit dosage form and comprise a water-soluble complex of a proteolytic enzyme linked covalently to a polymeric substance.

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A surgical masking and ventilating system for protecting an operating zone from contaminants emanated by members of a surgical team during an operation. The system includes protective apparel for substantially isolating each member of the surgical team from the environment of the operating zone, a s ...