Charles A Homsy: Implantable structure. Vinson & Elkins, October 11, 1977: US04052754 (257 worldwide citation)

A structure for in vivo implantation which includes an elongate section terminating in one end in an enlarged portion and being at least partially of a biocompatible porous material having characteristics of promoting ingrowth of tissue. The structure is adapted to be implanted in place of at least ...

Namassivaya Doddi, Charles C Versfelt, David Wasserman: Synthetic absorbable surgical devices of poly-dioxanone. Ethicon, Wayne R Eberhardt, October 11, 1977: US04052988 (254 worldwide citation)

Synthetic absorbable sutures and other surgical devices are prepared from polymers of p-dioxanone and 1,4-dioxepan-2-one, and alkyl substituted derivatives thereof. Monofilament sutures of oriented fibers are characterized by good tensile and knot strength and a high level of flexibility and softnes ...

Stephen William Pugner: Cable connector. Bunker Ramo Corporation, William Lohff, F M Arbuckle, October 11, 1977: US04053200 (198 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector assembly for connection to a coaxial cable having a housing with a rear tubular metallic member having a pair of radially raised portions separated by a recessed peripheral surface portion for receiving the outer shield of the cable and an outer sleeve with an outwardly expan ...

David Philip Hamblen, Clyde Pershing Glover, Sang Hyung Kim: Device for determining ionic activity of components of liquid drops. Eastman Kodak Company, Dana M Schmidt, October 11, 1977: US04053381 (192 worldwide citation)

A device and a method are disclosed for determining ion activity in liquids by the use of electrodes, particularly comprising an electrode mounting frame and transport means for promoting ionic migration between electrodes in the frame. Preferably, such electrodes are ion-selective electrodes.

Richard G Dedo: Knee spacer and method of reforming sliding body surfaces. Powell L Sprunger, October 11, 1977: US04052753 (162 worldwide citation)

A knee spacer comprising, an elongated member of a flexible and relatively biologically inert material for placement in the space normally occupied by the suprapatellar pouch of a patient's knee.


Guenter A Grams, Frederick M Grazer: Triaxial fiberoptic soft tissue retractor. Guenter A Grams, Lyon & Lyon, October 11, 1977: US04052980 (119 worldwide citation)

A surgical retractor instrument having a first pair of fingers of small diameter fixed to one end of a handle and extending therefrom in essentially parallel relation in a lateral direction, the fingers being joined at their extremities to form an open loop. A second pair of fingers, also of small d ...

Pui Kum Lee: Method of tagging with color-coded microparticles. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, Carolyn A Bates, October 11, 1977: US04053433 (114 worldwide citation)

An improvement in the known method of tagging individual units of production of a substance with microparticles for retrospective identification is disclosed. The improvement comprises the use of microparticles which are encoded with an orderly sequence of visually distinguishable colored segments. ...

Pieter Bonsen, Myron B Laver, Kent C Morris: Compositions of matter comprising macromolecular hemoglobin. Alza Corporation, Paul L Sabatine, Thomas E Ciotti, Edward L Mandell, October 11, 1977: US04053590 (107 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns polymerized, cross-linked, stromal-free hemoglobin useful as a blood substitute for carrying oxygen to tissues and organs, as a blood plasma expander and for supplying oxygen to oxygen-requiring environments.

Richard O Marsh Jr: Double sleeve pipe coupler. Beull Blenko & Ziesenheim, October 11, 1977: US04053247 (104 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses a double sleeve coupler for coupling coaxially juxtaposed plain end steel pipe sections or pipe pile in metal-to-metal leakproof contact and at the same time providing a high strength connection under tension. A number of forms of couplers are disclosed, all essentially h ...