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According to the invention, a television receiver system comprises selector equipment for selecting information in the form of coded characters, received separately from any picture signals, from a single information channel or a small number of information channels and routing the selected informat ...

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Apparatus for photo-recording road ruts comprising projecting a beam of light having a linear boundary between bright and dark portions from a light projector onto a road surface in the transverse direction of the road, and photographing the boundary portion in a camera from a position having a pred ...

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A golf club having an adjustable and removable weight insert positioned in the club head. The insert includes a tubular sleeve which is fixedly positioned in a complemental bore in the club head, the weight insert being substantially perpendicular to the sole plate of the golf club. The weight inser ...

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Drug-delivery device for releasing a drug at a continuous and controlled rate for a prolonged period of time is comprised of a shaped body of polymeric material containing a pharmaceutically acceptable drug and permeable to passage of the drug by diffusion. The polymeric material is an ethylene-viny ...

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An electrosurgical unit for use in tissue cutting or coagulation procedur A vacuum tube oscillator operating in push-pull relationship generates RF oscillations which are extracted across a balanced coil transformer, the secondary of which is ungrounded. Forceps are provided to be connected across t ...

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A liquid spray is characterized by a liquid jet which is cyclically deflected at a high frequency such that it breaks up into a fan-shaped spray pattern in which the fluid distribution and droplet size can be controlled. Jet deflection is accomplished with energy in the pressurized liquid itself. In ...

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An improved radiation measuring and processing unit for a radiation scanning system precisely determines the average intensity of a beam of radiation as it impinges upon a radiation detector during a primary time period of predetermined duration. The unit computes the average intensity by detecting ...

Marc Laurent Pifferi: Total prosthesis of the hip. Mahay & Cie, Jacobs & Jacobs, October 4, 1977: US04051559 (116 worldwide citation)

A total prosthesis of the hip has a cotyloid portion to be inserted in the hip bone and a cephalic portion to be inserted in the femur, the cephalic portion fitting into the cotyloid portion, and the cephalic portion has a cylindrical helically threaded femoral shank portion to be screwed into the f ...

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A digital voice switch for detecting speech signals in the presence of noise on a communication channel. The voice switch employs a threshold adjustment circuitry and three threshold detectors which include a speech detector, a noise detector and a disabling detector. The speech detector having a va ...

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A power factor control system for use with AC induction motors which samples line voltage and current through the motor and decreases power input to the motor proportional to the detected phase displacement between current and voltage to thereby provide less power to the motor, as it is less loaded.